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Apple Pay Overview

Apple Pay is one of the newest ways to deposit or withdraw cash from your favourite online casinos directly from your iPhone, iPad, or any compatible Apple device. Allowing you to make deposits at the touch of a button without any of your bank details to hand, it’s a secure and fast transaction method.

Apple Pay often uses fingerprint or facial recognition to verify your payments, so you don’t need to worry about your details falling into the wrong hands; and with more retailers and online casino sites accepting Apple Pay, we’re seeing a huge increase in the secure, swift transactions being handled by this company.

Safety & Security

One of the primary reasons why most players find apple pay payment option to be more convenient is because of the level of security it provides. Using your debit card or credit card at an online casino to make deposits will require you to share your personal and financial details which will be saved by the casino website for future reference.

However, if you choose to use apple pay, you will still have to use the debit/credit card, but the good thing is that you will not expose any sensitive information. This will ensure privacy while playing real money games at the best Danish casino sites. The great news is that your private information will remain safe and secure.

Everytime you want to verify your transactions through apple pay, you will be required to use your passcode. This is the code that was given to you when you started using this payment method.

Nevertheless, you will most likely opt to use either the face ID or touch ID of your iPhone or iPad to authenticate your deposits while playing at the online casino. This means that your payment details will be safer if you had chosen a more complicated password. On the other hand, the face ID and Touch ID feature allow you to be the only user who can authenticate your payments through your iPhone/iPad.

How to Deposit Using Apple Pay Casino

For casino players, using Apple Pay to deposit at your favourite casino is simple. First, you’ll need to sign up to Apple Pay on your Apple device and register your bank or credit account to easily make a payment free from any personal information – you don’t even need your phone number!

Once you’re set up with Apple Pay, you can use this account to deposit to any online casinos that accept this payment method. Simply access the casino via your Apple Pay registered device, verify the payment by following the casino’s deposit instructions and validate the payment with your fingerprint.

Payments made via Apple Pay will be charged directly to your bank or credit account, but these details will never be shared with the casino, so you know your personal information is safe. The only information about your transaction is stored in your Apple Wallet and absolutely nowhere else.

Cash deposited to an online casino will usually be available instantly once you’ve requested the deposit and Apple Pay never charges fees, so this is a popular payment method for players. What’s more, there’s rarely any payment limits set by Apple Pay when using this method to deposit to an online casino.

How to withdraw using Apple Pay casino

Although more and more online casinos are accepting Apple Pay as a payment method, not all are set up just yet to allow you to withdraw your winnings directly to your Apple Pay account. If you only want to use Apple Pay for deposits/withdrawals, check the payment methods accepted at your chosen casino carefully.

If you are able to withdraw any winnings from your favourite casino site to your Apple Pay account, doing this should be simple, as all you’ll need to do is follow the standard withdrawal process of the casino, selecting Apple Pay as your preferred payment method when prompted to do so.

The money should be received into your Apple Pay account in line with the processing times of the casino you’re withdrawing from. Once the funds are clear, you can either leave them in your Apple Pay Wallet to spend on another transaction or withdraw them again into your bank account.

To withdraw from Apple Pay into your bank, you’ll need to ensure you have the latest software downloaded. Open your Wallet and locate your Apple Cash Card. Clicking on this should give you an option to ‘Transfer to bank’ – click here and follow the instructions to complete your withdrawal.

Fees and time-frames

Apple Pay is completely free to set up and use, whether you’re shopping in-store, depositing to an online casino, or making in-app purchases. The exception to this is that you may be charged a small processing fee if you use Apple Pay to pay via a credit card to help cover their overheads.

Rather than charging a fee to customers for using Apple Pay, the company charges the recipient (for example the store or online casino operator) a small commission for using Apple Pay. This is great for the customer but can explain why casinos might charge for using Apple Pay as a payment method – be wary!

Payments made via Apple Pay will usually be made instantly to the recipient, with deposits made to online casinos immediately available in your account so you can start playing sooner. As your Apple Pay is linked to your bank account, you don’t need to worry about spending time topping up your Wallet either.

Withdrawals from casinos to Apple Pay will be processed in accordance with the casino’s timeframes but should be available straight away once cleared. Withdrawals from Apple Pay to your personal bank can take 2-3 business days or as little as 2 hours if you’re paying to an eligible debit or pre-paid card.

Keep track of your transactions

Apple Pay endeavours to make banking simple for all its customers and offers a clear way to see any recent transactions for each credit, debit or prepaid card, including Apple Cash, that you have registered to your Apple Pay account. You can even view transactions via your Apple Watch!

To view your transactions, head to your Apple Pay Wallet and click on the card you wish to view on your iPhone, iPad, or even your connected Apple Watch. Depending on your bank provider, you might only be able to see Apple Pay transactions, but some providers will let you view your entire history.

If you’re using your Apple Pay account to deposit or withdraw from your favourite online casinos, it’s worth checking how the payment will appear on your bank statement if you can’t spot it at first glance. This is because some casinos hide their details to provide additional security to players.

Customer service

If you have any questions regarding your Apple Pay account, the best place to start looking for answers is on the Apple website in their FAQ or Help sections. Here, you’ll find the answers to most common queries from how to apply for Apple Pay to how to dispute a transaction.

If you can’t find the answer you’ve been looking for, the next step is to contact Apple Support. By going via their website, you can narrow down your query by product and category to help you get to the right customer service department faster, without needing to sit on hold or get passed around.

You can contact the Apple Pay customer service team by phone, live chat, email, and more, so you’re sure to find a communication method that works for you. If you prefer face-to-face contact, any of the so-called geniuses in an Apple shop should also be able to help you with most queries regarding Apple Pay.



Why is Apple Pay so popular?

Apple Pay is an incredibly convenient, safe, fast, and easy-to-use payment method that's great whether you're paying for your groceries in-store, are looking for a special gift for someone online, or are making a deposit to your favourite online casino.

How safe is Apple Pay?

One of Apple Pay's main selling points is how well they protect their customers. We discussed briefly when looking at Deposits that Apple Pay ensures that no personal information is ever shared with third parties and transactions are authorised using fingerprint or facial recognition.

How to setup an Apple Pay account?

To use Apple Pay, all you'll need is an eligible, upgraded device, a supported card from a participating provider, and an AppleID that's signed into the iCloud. Setting up a new card will vary depending on the type of device you're using.

Who can open an Apple Pay account?

Anyone with an eligible Apple device and ID connected to the iCloud should be able to open an Apple Pay account. Once you're set-up, your Apple Pay account will be linked to your fingerprint and/or facial recognition so nobody else can access your account.

How fast are Apple Pay casino transactions processed?

As with most payment methods, deposits to your favourite online casino made via Apple Pay should be available almost instantly, so you can start playing straight away! Withdrawals may take a few working days, but the funds will be available the second they clear.



In conclusion, Apple Pay is a really quick and convenient payment method that’s becoming available at increasing numbers of online casinos thanks to its popularity with retailers and customers alike. They never charge fees to the user and with no payment limits, they’re a great choice for anyone making deposits, large or small.

In addition to being super-fast, the high levels of security associated with an Apple Pay account make it a great choice for casino players. Nothing is ever shared with third parties and Apple doesn’t store transaction information anywhere on its servers, so the only place you can see what you’ve spent is in your Wallet.

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