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Boku Overview

Boku is an increasingly popular mobile payment option that’s free of charge and can be used without a bank account and even without registering! Simply make your payment via your mobile phone for a fast, convenient, and secure way to pay for goods or top up your online casino account.

As Boku rises in popularity, increasing numbers of casinos are adding Boku as an authorised payment method, particularly for mobile casinos, as it allows you to make payments anytime, from anywhere. All you need is a mobile phone and telephone number to use this service at a Boku casino and you’re off!

How to Deposit Using Boku casino

It’s really easy to make an online payment using Boku. All you need to do to get started is to find a casino that accepts Boku and open an account. Once opened, head to the cashier to make your deposit and select Boku from the list of deposit methods.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll need to enter the amount you wish to deposit and your mobile number. You’ll then be sent an SMS to reply to that authorises the payment. Once the transaction has completed (usually instantly), you’ll receive a confirmation SMS and can start playing online immediately!

Although Boku is super quick and easy to use, there is a very low limit of £30 that you’re able to spend via Boku per day. While this is great for first-time gamblers, anyone who wants to deposit more than this might want to consider an alternative mobile payment method.

What’s more, although Boku doesn’t charge any fees to users, some casinos may charge you for using Boku as a payment method or restrict any deposit bonuses you can be awarded when using this method. Because of this, be sure to check out the Ts&Cs of any Boku casino carefully before placing your deposit.

How to withdraw using Boku casino

Currently, it’s not possible to process a withdrawal to your Boku account and this payment method can only be used to place deposits up to £30. If you used Boku to make a deposit and you now wish to withdraw your winnings, you will need to register an alternative account to your casino account.

The way Boku works is by charging any deposits or payments directly to your mobile phone provider based on your phone number – the authorisation SMS basically confirms you’re happy with the charges. Because of this, you can make payments via Boku without ever giving anyone your bank details or personal information.

As any money spent via Boku goes to your phone provider (or is taken from your available credit if you’re on a pay-as-you-go service), and you don’t even need to register for an account with Boku to use this method, it’s not possible to process withdrawals as there is no account to pay to.

Rather than being like a bank account, Boku is purely a mobile transaction processor, and therefore can’t actually hold any cash. When you come to process your casino winnings, you might want to consider e-wallets as an alternative payment method; options such as Paypal, Neteller, and Skrill are some of the most popular ones.

Fees and time frames

Boku never charges any transaction fees to users, which is one of the main draws many users have to its services. Most Boku casinos also won’t charge you to use this payment method for your deposits, although you should always double-check this as some casinos may ask you to pay a fee.

Another benefit of using Boku is that you don’t actually have to register an account to use the services offered! If you want to use Boku to make a payment, all you need to do is select it as a payment method and enter your mobile phone number to authorise your payment via SMS.

When depositing to an online casino using Boku, once you’ve responded to the authorisation SMS, the payment should be processed almost immediately. You’ll receive a confirmation SMS to let you know once the payment has completed. Timings will depend a little on the casino, but the transaction should clear straight away.

You will need to ensure you have enough of a balance on your phone – particularly if you’re a pay-as-you-go customer – to ensure the payment is able to go through. Some providers might ask you to have a minimum balance above what you’re paying via Boku, so keep an eye out for this.

Keep track of your transactions

As Boku doesn’t require you to register an account or any personal information, the company is unable to track you and doesn’t store a record of your transactions. If you want to check what you’ve been spending via Boku, you can check your mobile phone bill or transactions for information.

Another way you can keep an eye on your Boku transactions would be by saving the authorisation and confirmation SMS you’ve received as an easy way to see which payments you requested that have gone through. Although you can’t view transactions, the benefit is that your personal information is 100% safe at all times.

If you prefer to keep your Boku transactions in one place, you can sign up to the Boku Customer Care Portal. From here, you can view all the transactions you’ve made via Boku over the past 6 months, including the status of each transaction, how much was paid, and where the money went.

Customer service

Boku is dedicated to helping its customers as much as possible and has dedicated customer support teams in almost all countries in which Boku is an authorised payment method. On their ‘Contact’ page, you’ll be able to complete an email query form or view the address information for their main global offices.

The Boku ‘Customer Support’ webpage is also an incredibly useful resource, with the ability to narrow down your query from categories including announcements, billing history, subscription support, help to complete transactions, and more. You can also access the Community and Discussions from here to see what other customers are talking about.

You can also receive answers and support in the Boku Customer Care Portal if you decide that you do want to register for an account. Not only can you view your transactions when you register for this account but you can also block Boku from making further payments using your number.



Why is Boku casino so popular?

Boku casino allows players to make payments quickly and easily via their mobile phone. With no need to register or provide bank details, all you need is a mobile phone number and your payment will be processed securely and privately.

How safe is Boku casino?

Because Boku never asks for any personal information beyond your mobile number, you can rest assured that they don't have any details to ever sell or leak to an unwanted third party. You can also block Boku at any time for added security.

How to set up a Boku account?

To log into the Boku Customer Care Portal, all you need to do is enter your country and mobile phone number. You'll then be sent a PIN code via SMS to enter and verify your Boku account. It's not necessary to register for Boku.

Who can open a Boku account?

Anyone with a mobile phone number in an authorised country can use Boku without entering any personal information. That said, if you're not the bill payer for your phone, then be sure to get their permission before making payments via Boku!

How fast are Boku casino transactions processed?

Boku casino transactions should go through almost instantly, with the only delay being in how quickly you can respond to the initial SMS. That said, some casinos may take a little longer to process. You'll receive a confirmation SMS when the payment completes.



In conclusion, Boku is a great payment method for those who want a secure and convenient option to make payments or small deposits to online casinos or other retailers. The growth in popularity can probably be attributed to how easy it is to use Boku even without registering an account!

There is a downside to using Boku for casino transactions in that you’re limited to spending a maximum of £30 per day and you can’t withdraw your winnings to a Boku account, but the pros of having a payment method so secure that you don’t even need to register a card might outweigh any cons.

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