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Discover a top PayPal casino 2020 – We list the top PayPal casinos accepting PayPal payments. A Safe & Reliable Payment Method. Plus exclusive bonus for PayPal players!


Paypal Overview

“Check out faster, safer, and more easily with Paypal”: the official slogan of the company does a great job of summarising the benefits of this hugely popular payment method. Available to use at the vast majority of online retailers, this is the method of choice for millions of customers worldwide.

Not only is it completely free to set up and use, but users also favour Paypal thanks to the super-fast processing times and high maximum deposit/withdrawal limits. For casino players, Paypal is renowned as an incredibly safe payment method, with their own checks in place to ensure each transaction has been completed properly.

Safety & Security

When playing at a PayPal casino, a wide range of safety and security measures and protocols covers you. This includes advanced data protection standards, fraud protection, and buyer protection. The best thing is that PayPal does not work with online casinos that have a tainted reputation.

Therefore, dodgy online casinos will be a thing of the past. PayPal’s account protection feature covers many things including identity theft and unauthorized purchases, which means you will not lose your money incase a cybercriminals tries to illegal access your PayPal account or make unauthorized purchases.

Since PayPal is a renowned payment gateway with its own website, all transactions are carried out online without having to expose your details.

How we Rank Payment Options

Safety & Security

The first thing we check out before we recommend a payment option is whether it’s secure. This includes testing the methods protection services and encryption as well as check into the history of the payment option and the parent company.

Deposit & Withdrawal

The next thing we consider is the speed at which it’s possible to make a deposit or withdrawal at a mobile casino. We take time and spend our money to try out the speed of the deposit and withdrawals before we recommend the payment option.

Customer Service

Regardless of how perfect a payment option could be, it’s imperative to ensure you get in touch with the support team whenever you experience an issue. This is exactly what we focus on; we send enquires to find out how effectively and quickly the customer care agents respond.

How to Deposit Using Paypal

Once you’ve signed up for your Paypal account, you can choose whether to load money into your online wallet or have the transactions come directly out of your Paypal account. Using Paypal for your casino transactions or when shopping at an eStore ensures your payment is properly encrypted and safe.

To spend money via Paypal, the first step is linking your bank to your account. This is quick and easy to do and ensures super-fast transactions can take place. It also prevents the company you’re buying from (or depositing to) from seeing your personal details vs using your credit or debit card online directly.

Once your bank account has been linked to Paypal, you can load cash by heading to your Wallet, clicking on ‘Transfer Money’, then ‘Add Money’, and following the on-screen instructions. If you’re loading your wallet via the app, simply tap on your balance followed by ‘Add Money’, then follow the on-screen instructions.

Once you have money on your Paypal account, you can use this cash to deposit to any online casino that has Paypal listed as an authorised payment method. To use your Paypal cash to deposit, simply log into your casino account and follow the deposit instructions provided, selecting Paypal as your preferred payment method.

How to withdraw using Paypal

Once you’ve won big playing at your chosen online casino, the next thing you’re going to want to know is how to get that cash back into your pocket! Withdrawing from most UK licensed casinos is fairly straightforward and you should be able to find the instructions in the casino’s FAQs.

Most casinos like you to withdraw your funds using the same payment method you deposited with, so if you used Paypal to pay in, you should be able to withdraw easily. Once the withdrawal has been processed, Paypal should register the funds as received swiftly and the money will be available in your Wallet.

If you don’t want to keep your winnings in your Paypal Wallet, you can withdraw the cash back to your bank account by clicking on ‘Wallet’ followed by ‘Withdraw Money’. From here, you’ll need to select where you’re withdrawing the money from, the account you wish to be credited, and how much you’re withdrawing.

Withdrawals from Paypal to your personal bank account are usually processed and completed within one business day, with many transactions taking place almost instantly. It is worth remembering that Paypal can only support transfers made in your local currency, so there may be fees involved if you need to convert from another currency.

Fees and time-frames

Nearly all payment transactions made via Paypal are completed in a matter of minutes and are completely free of charge. That said, there are some services that may charge a small fee, for example, if you need to withdraw or receive money in a different currency or you’re sending cash overseas.

The other fees Paypal charges are if you’re using your Paypal account to receive payment made from the sale of goods or services. When it comes to personal payments, you can top up your Wallet, withdraw, or send money to friends and family fee-free as long as there’s no currency conversion involved.

In terms of time frames, most Paypal transactions are completed almost instantly. When payments take longer, this is usually due to the bank or sender/recipient having longer processing times that Paypal can’t control. Withdrawals may take up to one business day, but this is fairly unusual if your account has been verified.

Similarly, signing up to Paypal as a whole is an incredibly fast process, with only essential details being asked to start with. Once you’re signed up, you’ll also need to verify your bank account to remove any transaction limits. This process takes a very short amount of time to complete.

Keep track of your transactions

It’s easy to keep an eye on your transactions via Paypal on their website or via the Paypal app, under the ‘Activity’ heading. There are a variety of statuses Paypal uses to let you know how your payments are getting on and these are fairly easy to get your head around.

Your recent transactions will also be shown on the ‘Summary’ page, which holds information on all your recent purchases, transfers, and any money you sent/received yourself. You can cancel transactions or open a dispute from the Summary or Activity page, which adds a little extra security to your payments.

Sometimes, online casinos won’t state on the transaction what they are for your security, so if you don’t spot a particular transaction that you made to/from an online casino via Paypal then you might want to get in touch with the casino to confirm how they should appear on any bank statements.

Customer service

If you ever have any questions regarding your Paypal account, their customer service team is dedicated to helping you find the information you need. Your first point of call should be the FAQs in Paypal’s Help Centre, as these cover almost any query you could think of and include some really helpful step-by-step instructions.

If you can’t find the answer you need in the FAQs or just prefer to speak to someone, head to Paypal’s Contact Us page to search or select from the list of common queries covering everything from forgotten passwords to how to register for Paypal Credit or a business account.

You can also ‘Ask the Community’ to pose a question to other Paypal users, message the Paypal customer service team directly, or access the Resolution Centre from here for an update on any ongoing disputes you might have. By keeping things online, Paypal can reduce the fees they charge and allow easy access to answers.



Why is Paypal so popular?

Paypal offers fast, secure transactions that don't charge a fee to the user (with the exception of currency conversions or receipts from sales). It's great for casino transactions by keeping bank details completely safe and private and can be used with most retailers.

How safe is Paypal?

As we've mentioned already, Paypal is seen as an incredibly safe payment method as it protects your personal information from third parties. Paypal Buyer/Seller Protection also offers an extra layer of security to your transactions and it's possible to open a dispute via Paypal.

Which Are the Best Paypal Casinos?

Most of the regulated Online Casinos offer Paypal as a payment method. To see the best choices selected by our team please see the comparison table in the beginning of the page.

How to set up a Paypal account?

We discussed this briefly in Fees & Time Frames, but setting up your Paypal account is easy. Simply head to their 'Sign Up' page, enter your personal details, choose the type of account you want and follow the on-screen instructions to register for free.

Who can open a Paypal account?

Anyone can open a Paypal account completely free. They have Personal and Business accounts to choose from and you can have both if you want to keep your personal Paypal separate from your business. You can only have one Paypal account per email address.

How fast are Paypal transactions processed?

Most Paypal transactions are processed incredibly quickly, with withdrawals from Paypal to your personal bank account usually completing in one business day or less. Processing times may vary depending on where you're sending money to/from, but these times are outside of Paypal's control.



Overall, millions of personal and business owners agree that Paypal sticks to its goals of offering a faster, more secure, and trustworthy payment method that you can use with confidence, whether you’re receiving cash from your recent eBay sale, depositing to your favourite online casino, or sending money to friends and family.

By keeping your personal details safe and private as well as implementing their own checks and protection schemes, Paypal works hard to protect its customers when making transactions online so you don’t need to worry about your information or cash being stolen. It’s also almost always free to register for and use!

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