Pharaoh’s Fortune Slot – An Exciting Egyptian Slot Adventure 

An adventure is waiting for you down in the Ancient Egyptian tombs with Pharaoh’s Fortune slot by Microgaming. Even though there aren’t any features, this 3-reel game compensates with great graphics and user experience. This slot is an ode to the pure minimalism in casino games that many people adore.

pharaohs fortune

Game review info

  • Rating
  • Where to Play Play Here
  • Min Bet 0.25
  • Reels 3
  • RTP 95.93%
  • Max Bet 75
  • Software Microgaming
  • Volatility -
  • Themes Ancient Egypt, Luxury
  • Features Bonus Game, Wild Symbol, Scatter Symbol, Multiplier, Free Spins, 5 Reels

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Pharaoh’s Fortune – A lot of Fun with Huge Bonuses

Pharaoh’s Fortune one-armed bandit type of gameplay can charm even players who love the complexity of modern slots. It takes you way back into the realm of the remarkable history of ancient Egypt. You get to meet royalties from that time scattered around on the board and enjoy yourself in the process.

This slot has many qualities that have nothing to do with getting as many payouts as you can. It’s all about the classic, hardcore slot machine style with 3 reels and 1 pay line. Nothing less and nothing more. It’s great for players who don’t have much slot experience and would love to start with a simple game. The theme is not very strong but the elements incorporated within the slot are more than enough for you to feel it. You can play the game in demo mode, but if you want to play it for real money, you can do that at most casinos that have Microgaming as part of their provider list.

A Closer Look at Pharaoh’s Fortune Features

Pharaoh’s Fortune doesn’t have features which makes it perfect for players who love the simplest gameplay possible. There are no bonus games, no Wilds, no Scatters, and no Free Spins. Players can take very polar opposite sides about that, but the truth is that each slot has its audience. Even though Pharaoh’s Fortune simplicity might be intimidating to some, others can find a grain of treasure in its sacred dwelling.

​Payout and Volatility Overview


Payout and volatility are very important details when it comes to slots, thus they need special attention. The RTP of the game is 95.93% but the volatility is not disclosed, so we can’t add it. However, the RTP is pretty close to the average RTP which is roughly around 96%.

​Pharaoh’s Fortune Gameplay


Pharaoh’s Fortune gameplay is as simple and fun as a classic slot can get. The slot has 3 reels, 1 fixed pay line with a min bet of 0.25, and a max bet of 75.00 per spin. When it comes to the gameplay, the board is down to a total of 4 symbols. You have a bar filled with options beneath the board and the paytable is situated right next to it. At first glance, it’s very hectic, but once you start playing you can get used to this type of layout.

Design & Themes of Pharaoh’s Fortune Slot

This Microgaming slot has a subtle design but one that’s enough for a retro game of this type. Pharaoh’s Fortune slot has blue and red as key colors and a very old-school board with simple symbols. There aren’t many animations apart from the turning reels and the indications of winning combos. In terms of audio, there isn’t any music with the only sounds being from the reels turning.

Paytable & Winning Symbols Explained

Pharaoh’s Fortune paytable is pretty straightforward and you’ll figure it out in no time. Even though it’s right in front of you when you play, we provided a screenshot just in case. Happy playing!

3 Pharaohs50010002500
3 Pyramids80160240
Combination of Pharaos and Pyramids (any 3)4080120
3 Triple Golden Bars306090
3 Double Golden Bars204060
3 Golden Bars102030
3 Any Golden Bars51015
3 Scarabs102030
Any 2 Scarabs51015
Any 1 Scarab246

3 Pharaohs

First = 500
Second = 1000
Third = 2500

3 Pyramids

First = 80
Second = 160
Third = 240


​Conclusion – Simplicity Made with Love

In Short: The best feature in the Pharaoh’s Fortune slot is the generosity of payouts for winning combinations. The rest of the game can be explained with two words- functional simplicity. There is not much that can go wrong with this game because of how stripped down it is. You have your reels, your pay line, and winning combinations to get your foot on the ladder. If you love modern and complex slots, we suggest to wind down with a game like Pharaoh’s Fortune.

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