EU US spotsbetting
All News 07-07-2020

European Bookmakers Bids Operations In The US

The lifting of restrictions in the US for online gambling attracted the interests of European operators for expansion. More and more states in the US are accepting betting. Gamblers in the country showed the same trend as their European counterparts. Many American gamblers are now subscribing to online gaming and betting platforms. Sportsbooks are gaining […]

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club one casino shut downs again
All News 06-07-2020

Fresno’s Club One Casino Shutdown Again, Furloughs 140 Employees As Coronavirus Cases Rise

There are more than 11,500,000 cases of a novel coronavirus in the world with not less than half a million dead. In the US alone, the number of cases rises every day, reaching nearly three million infections with more than 130,000 deaths. California has around 260,000 confirmed coronavirus cases with more than 6,000 deaths. Los […]

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California governor
All News 01-07-2020

California Governor Tightens Restrictions, Could Affect Casino Reopening

Operations of casinos and other establishments prone to mass gathering could get affected by the new restrictions. The novel coronavirus continues to spread all around the world because of the absence of vaccination and cure. It has infected more than ten million people worldwide, stealing away lives of more than half a million. In the […]

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Online Betting Competition
All News 30-06-2020

Betsson Joins US Online Betting Competition

US states start to see the potential of online gambling in stimulating growth. Online betting platforms and online casinos became an alternative source of funds for many states during the lockdowns. The country mandated the shutdown of businesses that are prone to a mass gathering in mid-March. The shutdowns increased the frequency of searches and […]

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atlantic city reopens
All News 29-06-2020

Atlantic City Casinos Reopens Starting Thursday

The casinos remained in shutdown since mid-March because of the government’s novel coronavirus preventive measures. Casino reopening in many US states turned successful despite the continuing threat of the deadly pathogen. Las Vegas casinos have reported an increasing number of patrons, booking for accommodation in the resorts every day. Casinos in other states also reported […]

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Mississippi Coast Casino Requires Guests
All News 26-06-2020

Mississippi Coast Casino Requires Guests, Employees To Wear Masks

Casinos in the US reopened with health and safety protocols in place. All the casinos opened advising people to maintain social distancing. The casinos capped their limits to ensure that social distancing is practised every time. Plexiglas was installed to lessen virus spread in table games and slot machines. Some slot machines were shut down […]

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atlantic city reopens casinos
All News 24-06-2020

Atlantic City Reopens Casino, Race Tracks, Indoor Dining Starting July 2

Establishments need to reduce accommodation capacity during the reopening. Most US states resumed businesses in three phases. Casinos continued office following the relaxed coronavirus measures from the government. Some tribal casinos opened doors to clients in late-May despite health warnings from state leaders. Despite the continuous spread of the novel coronavirus, states granted businesses approval […]

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Live casino reopens
All News 22-06-2020

Live! Casino Reopens, Hygiene And Safety Protocols In Place

Many US states allowed the reopening of businesses in their area to stimulate growth and recovery from the pandemic’s economic impact. The casino industry is among the sectors vastly hit by the crisis. Start-up companies feared bankruptcy, while others saw a drastic decline in their revenues during the months-long shutdown. Many casinos continued paying for […]

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Crowd Swarm Cripple Creek Casino
All News 18-06-2020

Crowd Swarm Cripple Creek Casino Reopening, Central City’s Black Hawk Reopens

The US government needed to choose between public health and its breaking economy. In many states, casinos were among those companies who were given a chance to resume business and attempt to recover their losses. Many casinos opened doors to customers in late-May, following relaxed government coronavirus preventive measures. The casinos in the US shut […]

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‘The Biggest Casino In The World’ Rallies As America Faces Crisis
All News 17-06-2020

‘The Biggest Casino In The World’ Rallies As America Faces Crisis

Tensions loosened when governments gradually opened operations of businesses to salvage their breaking economies. Economic activities in many countries halted during the prolonged months of lockdown. Almost every sector stopped work since mid-March, following government mandates. Casinos all over the US started reopening their doors to patrons since late May. Investments rose in the first […]

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