California Governor Tightens Restrictions, Could Affect Casino Reopening

California governor
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Gov. Gavin Newson announced to implement stricter health and order protocols as the number of coronavirus cases rapidly increased in the state. The state regulator plans to impose more restrictions on the figure don’t improve.

Operations of casinos and other establishments prone to mass gathering could get affected by the new restrictions.

The novel coronavirus continues to spread all around the world because of the absence of vaccination and cure. It has infected more than ten million people worldwide, stealing away lives of more than half a million. In the United States alone, nearly three million caught the deadly decease, and not less than 130,000 died.

In California, more than 230,000 got infected by the deadly disease while the number of deaths reached more than 6,000. The deadly virus rapidly spread in the state, and experts believe that the actual number of infections is higher than the figure released by the government.

Governor orders stricter implementation of health protocols

The fast spread of the novel coronavirus raised concerns from government regulators. Many state leaders initiated campaigns to protect everyone from the deadly pathogen. Before the announcement, Governor Newson ordered bars in Los Angeles and six other counties to shut down. He also advised eight other counties to do the same.

Three of the largest county in California, San Diego, Riverside, and Sacramento voluntarily shut down operations and bars to help reduce the spread of the virus. Bars and dine-in restaurants shut down on Wednesday in the San Francisco Bay Area. Supervisor Nathan Fletcher said they don’t want to be forced to take the initiative.

The spread of novel coronavirus in California threatens the operations of casinos. Casinos in the state heightened the implementation of health and safety protocols when the Governor urged everyone to follow government protocols. The casinos strictly imposed wearing of masks and social distancing on the casino floor.

Virus spread threatens casino reopening

The fast spread of the virus threatens the reopening of Casinos in the state. The casinos shut down doors in mid-March as mandated by the government. The state gradually resumed operations of businesses in late-May when closures caused a massive decline in the revenue. Business activities, including casinos, resumed business as the state moves towards recovery.

People started going back to the casinos since the reopening. More and more casino properties in the states resumed operations, practising health and safety protocols. Just like in other states, operators saw hope as people swarmed to go back to the gambling venues.

The recent events threaten the pace of recovery of the casinos. The Governor threatens to impose new restrictions if the numbers of cases don’t recover. The fast rise of infection could lead to another lockdown measure that would cause casinos to shut down.

The operators could again lose millions if the Governor orders another shutdown. The novel coronavirus hit revenues of casinos during its first wave, and another closure might cause bankruptcy to some operators.

The government believes that the only way things could improve is for everyone to protect themselves, avoiding gatherings and practicing social distancing.

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