Live! Casino Reopens, Hygiene And Safety Protocols In Place

Live casino reopens
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The casino industry is alive again in many countries. Operators grabbed the chance to resume operations of their properties when governments decided to relax their coronavirus control and preventive measures. Many countries decided to resume economic activities in fear of their moribund economy.

Many US states allowed the reopening of businesses in their area to stimulate growth and recovery from the pandemic’s economic impact. The casino industry is among the sectors vastly hit by the crisis. Start-up companies feared bankruptcy, while others saw a drastic decline in their revenues during the months-long shutdown.

Many casinos continued paying for rents, taxes, and wages while on shutdown. For nearly three months, casinos remained closed because of government mandates to halt operation to help curve the infection of the deadly disease. Many operators opened businesses following industry regulators’ new safety and health guidelines.

Live! The casino opens the door, coronavirus measures in place

Anne Arundel’s Live! Casino started the first phase of its reopening. Guests saw significant changes in their operations. Just like in all casinos in neighboring states, Live! Casino imposed health and safety measures as they welcome guests.

During the first week, only casino members are allowed to enter the casinos. The casino started welcoming guests on Friday at 5 p.m., following the state’s safety and health benchmark. Guests should secure online reservations for entry. At the casino entrance, temperatures will be checked to reduce the transmission of the fatal disease.

On the casino floor, guests and employees are required to wear masks and use the installed hand sanitizing stations every time. Plexiglass separates the table game players to lessen physical contact.

The reopening of the casino is part of the second phase of the reopening of the state. Gov. Larry Hogan’s second phase allowed the reopening of establishments, like casinos, dine-in restaurants, and shopping malls, since they followed strict social distancing protocols.

The economic impact of the reopening

The novel coronavirus infected more than 63,000, taking the lives of more than 3,000, all over the state.

Around half a million people lost their jobs during the shutdown. The reopening paved the way for nearly 2,000 casino employees to go back to work. Live! Casino enrolled its employees in an online safety course before allowing them to go back to work.

The casino resumed business with a reduced capacity, which is expected to decline its revenue. The company saw a decline in revenue during the months of lockdown. It made $31 million less compared to its March 2019 revenue. Every other casino in the state reported a decline in revenue. The casino industry of the state lost at least $94.6 million.

Despite the closure, the county still received 4.51 percent of the slot machine revenue for the year since the state law protects it. Despite being closed for almost three months, the county will still receive its safety net of $18.4 million a year.

Mike Hopkins, executive director at Maryland Racing Commission, said the casino accumulated $13 million, $5 million less than the minimum of $18.4 million.

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