Betsson Joins US Online Betting Competition

Online Betting Competition
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The competition in the US’s gambling industry widely expands as companies race to respond to the growing demand in the market. Investments in the industry have surged as people raise the need for both traditional and online gambling. Online gambling saw the highest traffic volume during the pandemic.

US states start to see the potential of online gambling in stimulating growth. Online betting platforms and online casinos became an alternative source of funds for many states during the lockdowns. The country mandated the shutdown of businesses that are prone to a mass gathering in mid-March.

The shutdowns increased the frequency of searches and subscriptions to online gaming platforms.

The pandemic proved that investing and expanding to online gaming is a smart move for operators. Operators now race to secure their online betting platforms as they join the gambling market’s fierce competition.

Betsson partnered with Dostal Alley Casino

Betsson and Dostal Alley Casino will soon launch Business-to-Customer (B2C) online sports betting in Colorado. The company’s sports betting platform will join the competition in early 2021 after receiving industry regulators’ approval.

The company has aimed at expanding its operations in the newly legalized online sports betting industry in the state. The partnership became the gateway of the company to the massive online sports betting market of the US. The ten-year initiative was the first step of the company to gain access to the market. Dostal Alley Casino will provide Betsson with industry knowledge, famous brands, and more clients.

Betsson plans to expand its influence in the US by following a strategy that ensures financial safety through low-risk long term sustainable strategies. Betsson aims at providing a user-friendly platform for gamblers, patterned to the needs of the clients. The new partnership will grant Betsson the chance to develop its sportsbook and sell its products to more clients.

Legalizing sportsbooks in the US

More and more US states are now reforming their gambling legislation to allow online sports betting to operate. Currently, there are 18 states in the whole country that allowed online sports betting to operate. The new gambling regulations in the rules allowed the operations of more than 33 sportsbooks in the country.

The industry contributed at least 10 percent to Gross Gaming Revenue, and it allowed gamblers outside the border to place their bets, adding more to the states’ income.

Colorado’s online sports betting industry is estimated at $200 million. The state is among the wealthiest in the US in terms of GDP, and it has a vast market for online with an estimated population of six million people.

Known as a sports and tech hub, Colorado owns teams in major sports leagues in the country. Dostal Alley Casino CFO Cindee Spellman said they are thrilled to work with Betsson, a company with over 28 years of experience in the business.

The CFO said they are confident that the company could bring the best experience in online gambling in Colorado. Betsson AB CEO and President Pontus Lindwall said they are expanded to expand their operations with the US. Dostal Alley Casino.

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