How Slots Work?

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Visually appealing slot games are fun to play and come with lucrative rewards. As a novice, you might be wondering how they work!

Anyone who enters the world of casinos will be overwhelmed with the whole idea of playing slot machines. On the contrary, it is a cakewalk! Playing is not as complicated, but winning might require luck and a smart strategy.

The question is – What’s the mechanism like?

Playing slot machines is straightforward: you pull the lever or engage a button to trigger the rotation of the reels (usually between three and five reels) that present a series of symbols. You win if a combination of symbols (or identical symbols) is made on one or more of the pay lines.

In this elaborate post, we will discover what activates the rotation of the reels in modern slot machines as in the old mechanical slot machines.

We will also look at what determines the probabilities of slot machines and the different variants of slot machines.

Welcome To The Technologically Superior World

Slots are continuing to evolve over the years. Developers are coming up with new and exciting themes. Also, there are plenty of features that keep the punters interested in the game.

Punters do not need special skills to start playing! Yes, you would require a little more patience because gambling is all about luck. Before you head to an online casino platform or a land-based casino, it is important to know how the slot machines work. Once you have a grip on the mechanism, it will be easy to start playing anywhere – online or land-based casinos.

For starters, do not be under the impression that slot machines are complicated. You will master the art of playing slots in no time!

Mechanism of Slot Machines

The classic slot machine works with a complex combination of levers, detents, and springs.

The central element is the shaft that supports the reels. This shaft is connected to a lever that drives the slot machine. A braking system stops the reels, and a sensor communicates the position of the reels to the payment system. A coin or token detector unlocks the lever.

In a three-reel slot machine, the central shaft supports three notched discs that are connected to the three reels. A second shaft under the central shaft is composed of stoppers and a kicker, a metal piece consisting of three pallets. The paddles of the pusher are aligned so that they can push the discs.

Slot Reels

The slot machine mechanism is based on a horizontal reel mounted on a central axis. On each side of the reel, you will find a symbol. Now it depends on the combination as to what you would win!

New slot machines can have three reels or be multiple (more than three reels, so you can have more combinations).New online slot machines typically use five reels and give the ability to use 25 lines or more.

To activate a line, you need to enter a token (or credit), which means that to activate the 25 lines, you need to play with 25 tokens. If your winnings are on an inactive line, the winnings are not collected.

From the player’s point of view, it is much simpler: the player introduces a coin into the slot, pulls the lever, and the reels start spinning. They stop at a point, and then the gain falls if there is one. These machines were replaced by electric machines that operated on the same principle.

In an electric machine, the reels are driven by motors, and solenoids usually activate the stoppers, but it is the same principle. In both cases, once the reels have stopped, the machine must determine the gain.

Computer Controlled Slot Machines

Most of the current slot machines are designed to look like mechanical models, but they are computer-controlled.

computer controlled slot machines

The computer uses motors to turn the reels and stop them at a certain point. A Random Number Generator (RNG) ensures that the same probability exists at each draw to win the jackpot.

Indeed, the job of this machine is to ensure that players have the same probability of winning or grab the jackpot, at each turn.

Computer-controlled systems have made slot machines much more adaptable. For example, players can now use money directly into their account instead of dropping chips at every win. They can also track their gains and losses more easily.

Slot Machine Paylines

Normally, traditional slot machines only pay their winnings on a horizontal line, called a pay line. With the advent of “video machines,” manufacturers invented multi-line video slots where gains are counted across multiple lines.

In multi-line slots, the odds of winning are very high, but unlike traditional (single-line) slots, you also need to take into account the number of lines to activate to earn better wins when you hit a winning combination.

Hence, there is a trade-off between the probability of winning (higher in multi-line) and the unit value of winning combinations (a higher on older single-line machines).

Is it possible to hack a slot machine? Following many different facts, players are increasingly wondering if it is possible to crack a slot machine to manipulate the results and hit the jackpot.

Here is a secret: the zero risk does not exist!

As proof, we can mention a group of Russian hackers who managed to hack some slot machines thanks to a slot machine algorithm and their Smartphone.

These individuals would have managed to predict when a spin would be in favor of the player, and pocket several thousand dollars in this way.

Another anecdote tells the story of a young man who managed to exploit a “slot machine faults” by carrying out many successive manipulations that had the effect of triggering a win more regularly than expected.

On the other hand, we must not forget that these phenomena, faults, and hacks are exceptional, especially since the slots used were mostly obsolete and had a failing random number generator.

Do not believe that you will be able to handle the next draws of slot machines. Slot machine algorithms improve considerably over time, and gaming establishments are putting huge resources into action to ensure the safety and reliability of their slot machines.

Besides, do not believe in the miracle methods you find on the internet; the only chance will allow you to win or not on the games of money.

Hence, forget about the flaws, bugs, jammers and wobbly ways to hack slot machines, by believing in these methods and downloading this kind of software, you will only succeed in wasting your time and money.
Land-based or online casinos will be happy to refuse your winnings due to cheating in case of fraud!

The Real Secret of Slot Machines

If there was only one secret to remember, it is that to win; you just have to be lucky! You will be able to implement any method to try to manipulate the reels; this will not guarantee you the jackpot.

However, a legal and straightforward technique is to maximize your chances of winning by targeting only games with a high payout rate. By playing on slots that offer a higher advantage to the player, you will gain more in the long run than if you were playing on a game with a lower payout rate. To train you to play slots, nothing like the demo version! You now know all the secrets of slot machines!!

Check Out The Pay Table

As soon as you start playing a slot machine, you will find a paytable. It has all the information regarding the winning combination. Skimming through the paytable is essential as it gives you a briefing on how the particular game works.


Please note that the paytable will not open up for you automatically. Not everything in this world is automatic!

But, reading the paytable is a necessity. Before you spin the reels, open it manually, and check the winning combinations. Just before a test, you study the chapters and get prepared; you need to familiarize yourself with the paytable.

Look out for the high paying symbols! Those are the ones which would help you bag big bucks!

The Multiple Features of Slots Buttons

We have highlighted the following list so you can understand how a slot machine works. By seeing the buttons on your pre-played casino game, these can confuse you.

features of slot machines

  • + and –: The button is selected when the bets are placed. The button will either increase (+) or decrease (-) the number of bets per turn.
  • Auto Start/ Auto Stop: This button automatically starts the rotation of the reels for a set period. Players can also press the same button if they want to cancel the automatic rotation.
  • Bet Max: This button automatically selects the maximum amount of coins and pay lines available on the slot machine.
  • Bet Per Line: By pressing this button, it increases the bet of the pay line by one coin.
  • Lines: This button increases the bet pay lines.
  • Gamble: This button is available during the bonus feature that allows players to double or quadruple their winnings.
  • Spin/ Stop: This button executes two options to start (Start) or stop (Stop) the rotation of the reels. Stopping the reels displays the result of the game. Players will receive the respective payout before they can spin the reels. If there is a paid spin, the players will receive the respective payout before they can spin again.

Glossary of the Slot Machine

All Ways: The different ways a player can win. This term refers to slot machines without fixed pay lines.
Bet: The amount of money or coin that the player bets on the slot machine.
Coins: The currency used by players to bet on slot machines.
Coins per line: The number of coins bets, especially on a pay line.
Coins per spin: The number of coins bets by one player per spin.
Fixed Value: These types of slots offer players a fixed bet.
Fruit Machines: A term used to describe the slot machines that use fruit as symbols on the reels.
Hit: This stands for the situation when a player spins the reels in hopes of getting a winning combination.
Hold: This is an action where the player can hold a reel in place and spin the other reels.
Jackpot: The most substantial amount of money a player can win in a slot game to get a specific combination.
Multiply A bonus feature awarded to players on some online slots. The player’s win is multiplied by a specified amount.
Nudge: This is a bonus feature that allows players to push a reel in a particular direction. It allows the landing of another symbol on the reels.
One-Arm Bandit: A term used to designate a traditional slot machine.
Payline: A pay line is a line consisting of a winning combination of symbols that give entitlement to a payout.
Reels: The reels on a slot machine are the rollers that spin. Icons are displayed on each reel and can form paid winning combinations.
Symbol: A term used to describe the image that appears on the reels.
Wager: This is another term used to describe the bet (a bet). It is the amount of money that a player places on a slot machine per spin.



How to learn online slot rules?

All online slots come with unique rules that are applied to the game. These should be easy to follow and also highlight things like multipliers, paylines, and combinations.

What are the biggest progressive jackpot slots?

Some have the best and biggest progressive jackpots you will find at the leading online casinos include the Arabian Nights, Major Millions, and Mega Moolah.

Where can I find the newest slot machines?

We have listed the newest slots released. We list the latest slot casinos that offer players bonuses.

Can I win real money playing online slots?

Yes, of course! You can play real money slots and if luck is on your side, win some real cash prizes.

How do I find the best online slots?

The easiest way to find the best online slots is to read through our casino reviews on All the games are different; it’s all upon you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Any tips to winning real money slots?

Target slots with the highest RTP and apply proper bankroll management.

Can I play slots on mobile casinos?

Yes, the online casinos we recommend allow players to try out various slots games on their mobile devices. You can download the mobile app or play via your device's web browser.

Where can I find the best no deposit bonus for online slots?

You can find these amazing no deposit bonuses on our website at Nevertheless, they are rare, the best chance is to try and make a deposit to unlock other ongoing offers.

Can I use free spins on any slot machines I want?

No, free spins are mostly limited to only one game as indicated by the casino site. Starburst is the most popular slot in this case.

How does slots variety affect my casino winnings?

Slot volatility shows the number of times a slot will payout. High volatility slots payout big winnings, but less often.


Concluding Thoughts

Now that you are aware of all the buttons that you can find in slot machines, it will be easy to play any slot machine!

Make sure you read the RTP of each slot before you start betting with real money.

Don’t be shy or frightened to spin the reels! Perhaps Lady Luck will be by your side throughout the gameplay. Sadly, there are no guidelines for getting lucky! You can simply wish for the best.

So, begin your casino gaming journey today, and bag big bucks! Once you enter the world of online gaming, there is no turning back. Casino platforms have added too many features, bonuses, and exciting goodies to keep the punters hooked for long.


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