India’s Esports Industry Emerges One Of The World’s Most Lucrative Markets

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The novel coronavirus drastically changed people’s lifestyles. Outdoor physical activities were limited because of the threat of the deadly virus to human lives. Travel restrictions caused people to stay in their homes and stick to what is available internet-related entertainment.

PC gaming is one of the alternatives as land-based entertainment shuts down.

The tech industry remained at high demand despite the impact of the novel coronavirus on the business sector. Food-service, online-retail stores, and other internet-based platforms saw growth during the pandemic. Mobile gaming is one of the highest grosser during the prolonged lockdowns imposed to prevent the spread of the deadly disease.

India’s gaming industry is rapidly revolutionizing, proving its strength globally. India’s mobile gaming industry is estimated to reach 628 million users next year because of its wide range of choices of multi-genre PC games.

The fast growth of the industry turns the country into the next major gaming market.

Esports fights anxiety, depression

The country’s gaming community saw a massive increase in online gambling content. The interactive and community-driven industry opened the window of opportunities for developers and operators as taming tournaments increases.

Esports was seen as a way to fight anxiety and depression among people trapped inside their homes during the pandemic. The pandemic stole people’s lives and livelihoods. Many lost their jobs as business establishment shut down doors.

Many saw online gaming as a means to escape difficult times and relieve stress for a short time.

People focused on their hobbies and other entertaining activities. Gaming is one of the most popular entertainments of this generation. People play games to cope with isolation during the lockdowns. India’s eSports industry has lots to offer.

Popular Esports platforms in India

The Indian Gaming League (IGL), the leading competitive gaming and Esports league in the country, hosts online gaming tournaments. Its games are available on any platform, like Xbox, Playstation 4, PC, and Smartphones. IGL was created by gamers to jump-start the career of players in India.

Gamers in IGL could win large amounts of cash and get a chance to compete with professional gamers.

JetSynthesis, part of the JetLine Group, provides IT services and Digital Media. The platform is also involved in organized consumer retail and entertainment. The company’s main goal was to enrich Indian’s lives be keeping track of the changing global and local trends. The company offers strategic solutions to support the Esports industry.

The mobile content developer Nazara Technologies Pvt., Ltd offers games wallpapers, themes, and multimedia. The company offer solutions in tracking down, targeting, deployment, and developing campaigns on mobile platforms.

Gaming Monk, an esports event organizer that originated as an e-commerce marketplace for games, is involved in hosting online and offline tournaments in India.

The platform was aimed to train gamers to sharpen their skills and prepare them for upcoming tournaments.

Team Brutality, CSGO community’s top team, is one of the best performing Asian teams registered in famous tournaments for games such as Need for Speed, Forza Motor Sports, etc.

Gamers in India could choose from different platforms to enjoy a rich esports experience.

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