How to Buy a Real Slot Machine

how to buy a real slot machine
What can possibly be more exciting than brining the real-life casino experience at home with an actual slot machine! Here are the most important factors to consider when approaching the purchase of a slot machine so you can make this the most enjoyable and worthwhile buy.

Even though we now have the internet and we get to enjoy the ability to play our favorite slots online without ever having to leave the comfort of our homes, sometimes we still long that feel of a physical slot machine. It’s just different. Just like devout book lovers can never see e-readers as a genuine replacement of actual paperbacks, some gamblers are fixated on being able to press the button of a real machine than that of a keyboard.

It’s something about the sound it makes, the feeling of the button under your finger, and just even the ability to be fully engulfed by the presence of a large mechanical entity.

So what if there’s a particular slot game that you love so much that you simply have to have it? Well, as long as there is a will – there will be a way. And you can find slot machines to do with as you please.

The truth is, however, that if you’ve never purchased a slot machine before, it may be a little difficult to decide how to go about this process. After all, there are numerous different options out there. So how to know which to choose? We’ve tried to cover the basics and give you a bit of an overview of the possibilities out there, to by the very least make the decision process a little easier on you.

What Matters When Choosing a Slot Machine?

Before you start thinking about where you are going to source your new slot machine, there are a few factors that you might want to consider first. And no, they may not be as fun as considering the features of the game, the bonuses, etc., but these are still rather essential and it’s best you actually think of them beforehand, so that you can enjoy your purchase later to the fullest.

Size matters


Unless you aren’t aware of it already, slot machines are pretty big. Huge, actually, especially in the context of your standard home. So think not only about where the slot machine is going to fit inside your house or apartment, but also consider where it will have to fit through to get there. For example, will the machine fit through the doorway? Are there stairs that it will have to go up? If it’s a really large slot machine, are you ceilings tall enough to accommodate it?



Say you’ve successfully managed to get ‘Big Bertha’ to fit through the entrance – where does it go after that? Consider which room you want the slot machine to go in. And here it’s not just about the size of it anymore. Unlike slots that you play on your computer, physical slot machines don’t necessarily come equipped with headphones or a mute button. So do take into account the fact that these machines are noisy and bright, as well as bulky. So you may want to put them in a space where they won’t disturb anyone else in the household.

Handling repairs


Slot machines, like any other type of machinery, can break or might have glitches or other issues. And say you haven’t purchased a brand new one directly from the manufacturer, then you can’t count on a warranty and repairs. How are you going to handle any problems that may arise, technically speaking? It’s a good idea to know someone who can help fix any potential malfunctions, unless you are pretty tech-savvy yourself and know your way around such machinery. Otherwise it may be wise to already have a service in mind that can assist you if the need arises.

The cost of the matter


However way you look at it, slot machines are not cheap. So another thing to consider before actually initiating a purchase is budget. How much are you ready to spend on a slot machine? Are you prepared to buy one that is brand new and pay the full price for it? Or would you rather take your chances and purchase one that has already been used? In addition to the cost of the machine itself, don’t forget to also calculate shipping and delivery costs. And as noted above, these things can be quite massive. Hence, you may require the delivery company to help install the machine – and that can cost you extra, as well.

Choosing the Slot Machine Itself – What Are the Options?

Choosing the slot machine itself is entirely up to you, of course. It is likely that you may have your heart set on a very specific offering that you love playing and want to have in its full glory smack in the middle of your living room (or basement, up to you). You might even have a slot provider that has never failed you throughout the years and you are their biggest fan.

It may also be that you are in love with a certain genre, of which we all know there is no shortage in the realm of slots. You’ve got everything from classic fruit machines to Egyptian slots, adventure offerings, movie slots, etc. But if you aren’t quite settled on the exact title or manufacturer that you would like to obtain, then perhaps these pointers may be of use.

High-Tech Slot Machines

Believe it or not, but high-tech slot machines are a reality now. If you haven’t been at a real, brick and mortar casino recently or any other venue housing real-life one-arm bandits, then you may not be updated with how far the latest technology has brought these traditional casino residents.

high tech slot machines

There are touch screen offerings now, and they come packaged in a very specific, innovative design that isn’t at all like the retro arcade games some of the older generation players may have been used to. They are sleek and flashy with all the latest bells and whistles of recent innovations in the gaming industry. And that’s all perfectly great. But consider whether that is in line with your personal taste. And then also make sure that the ultra-modern design fits in well with the surroundings, i.e. with the interior of your home.

Old School Slot Machines

One of the beauty and charm of having a physical slot machine is that fact that it’s old school! It takes you back in time, even if it’s a period you weren’t even alive in. Some players really enjoy feeling like they are in the 50s, 60s or some other decade in the past, and it may have nothing to do with their own experiences in those eras.

But it’s all a matter of taste, at the end of the day. And sometimes that taste may involve classic fruit symbols, simplistic gaming structures and a very basic, retro feel. In this case, of course, the design is of importance as well, and you may want to make sure that it goes well with the style of your home.

old school slots

But in addition to that there’s more. The sound, the look and feel, and even just the quality of the visuals themselves are highly specific with old school slot machines. So be sure to be prepared for the very old modern repetitive soundtrack and vintage imagery on the reels. Also, most traditional fruit machines all have a much simpler setup.

Hence, you will be playing a 3-reel slot with a minimal number of paylines, as well as with a limited amount (if any) of special features and bonus rounds.

Jurisdiction and Legal Requirements

Not all parts in the world view gambling, and slot machines in particular, the same way. In some countries, such as Australia, for instance, gambling is deregulated and, therefore, it shouldn’t cause any issues for anyone to purchase and own their own slot machine.

But in other regions that may not be exactly the case. Even within certain countries regulations may differ from city to city, or from state to state. A good example is the United States. There are only a select few states that allow gambling in some shape or form, and slightly more than that are not opposed to private slot machine ownership (e.g. Utah, Nevada, Texas, Kentucky, and others). But the majority of states have a very strict ban on gambling, and if you reside in any of them – then you won’t be legally allowed to buy and keep a slot machine.

With that in mind, it is important that you are informed about the legal status of slot machines in your country and area of residence, so as to avoid any potential issues.

Where to Buy?

For the most part, there are two options that players have when considering where to purchase a slot machine. One is to buy your game of choice online, from a retailer or even the manufacturer themselves. And the other is to purchase a used machine from an individual seller, say via auction.

And the major difference in this case is simply the cost of the matter.

Buying a slot machine on eBay, for example, will likely cost you much less, unless you are after a very rare and sought after item. And if you purchase directly from the provider, then you’ll be paying for a brand new product – but at a fixed price, and with a receipt that will likely also provide a warrantee.

So take the time to consider what is most important to you in a slot machine and only then make your purchase. That way you will never be disappointed.

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