Casino Bonus Guide – Types of Bonuses & How to Claim Them

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The most eye-catching bonuses are at the top of players’ priorities when registering in an online casino. As soon as you enter the magical and intriguing world of online gambling, the first thing you notice is the term, ‘casino bonuses.’ What are these bonuses? Do you get extra brownie points?

You will not fail to witness that all virtual casinos offer a wide range of bonuses designed to attract new players. Well, for any punter, getting a casino bonus is a good start! However, some tend to distinguish themselves more than others.

If you are not familiar with the bonuses, you are in the right place; we will explain everything to you. Here’s an elaborate guide that talks about ‘casino bonuses.’ Before you dive into the online gaming world, read up and get accustomed to the most popular and cherished concept.

What is an Online Casino Bonus?

A bonus, many wonder what it is when they arrive for the first time in an Internet casino. It is true that the casinos put them primarily forward.

Let’s put it this way – iGaming is incomplete without the concept of casino bonuses. How does a punter get the motivation to start playing on a platform? If you are not giving them something, to begin with, they would never put their eggs in your basket (in the online casino’s basket).

What does the online casino bonus mean?

A bonus is a sum of money that the casino will offer you. It helps you to start your online casino journey! Perhaps it can be a morale boost for the players. The sum will be added directly to your balance so that you can dispose of it quickly and play the different games offered.

You can receive a bonus if you first make a deposit. It will be equal to a percentage of your deposit. The bonus can also be free; we will talk later about free bonuses. Gear up as this post is going to cover all the queries you have in your mind, mate!

For the casino, the bonus is their first weapon. It is partly thanks to the bonus that the establishment will be able to make the difference with the other casinos, either by offering more competitive rates or playing on the conditions of the bonus and therefore attract the players.

If online casinos stopped providing deposit bonuses and other types of bonuses, there would be a lack of players online. They have to give some motivation to the players to try out new games!

Now, let’s dive straight into the types of bonuses. We have covered all of them and described them the best way we can!

Casino Bonus Types

The online casino world comes up with different types of bonuses to attract new punters. Different casino platforms would try to attract punters with a number of tactics. The key is to stay competitive and unique ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

The most popular bonuses are:

Welcome Bonus For New Rollers
Welcome bonuses (or sign-up bonuses) are likely to win you hundreds or even thousands of dollars if you manage to meet the betting requirements necessary to unlock them.

When you register on a gaming platform, you will have the opportunity to be offered one of the most enticing bonuses of your online player career.  That said, it is imperative to emphasize that welcome bonuses are only awarded to players after the creation of their account and the completion of an initial deposit.

Unfortunately, your online casino will only credit this type of bonus once (hence its name). Before taking the initiative to register in a virtual casino, be sure to choose it with discernment!

The Casino Play experts invite you to pay attention to the welcome bonus offered by the online casino you have chosen before registering. Indeed, you will only get one chance.

Exclusive Bonus
Exclusive bonuses are also known as ‘Loyalty Bonuses’. Just like their name suggests, these bonuses are purposely awarded to the most devoted punters (those who have been playing in the same online casino for a long duration).

Usually, these exclusive bonuses are offered to punters who have managed to amass a number of loyalty points or who manage to move one level in the VIP ladder of their respective casino platforms (from the Silver level to the Gold level, for example).

The players concerned receive a multitude of exclusive bonuses depending on their position in the ranking. Visit our top list of exclusive bonuses!

deposit bonus

Some of the most common loyalty bonuses include free spins, cashback bonuses, and ‘match bonuses’ (comparable to those received by new entrants on their initial deposit).

Match Bonus
‘Match bonus’ in the online casino world come in the form of a fixed % based on your first ever deposit. Let us take an example: if you deposit $50 and the % of the match bonus is 300%, you will get a $150 bonus in return. Likewise, if you deposit $100 and the match bonus has been set at about 400%, it clearly means that the punter will get $400.

Even though the match bonus is usually worth their weight in gold, online casinos will necessarily impose a set limit on the amount of the bonus you can receive. Typically, virtual casinos will offer ‘match bonuses’ that range from 150% to 1,000%.

Sticky Bonus
Sticky bonuses allows the punter to place bets in online casino platforms, but the bonuses cannot be withdrawn. However, this type of bonus has many benefits as in that they will allow you to get familiar with different types of casino games before making your first deposit. After the punter reaches the betting requirements, they will have a choice to take out the prize money/earnings stored in their account.

However, the money from the sticky bonus that was amiably offered to you will be deducted from the winnings. The rest of the money will belong to you, and you can do whatever you want with it. Perhaps you can withdraw it!

Deposit Bonus
The casino platforms showcase gratitude towards the punters every time they credit funds to the account. If the punters deposit a specific amount (x amount), the casino platform will pay them a % of it.

Most punters consider the deposit bonus as a kind of money off offered by the online casino. Indeed, the punters make a deposit of $150 and the casino platform gives them a 10% bonus. They will end up with a budget of $160 even if you paid only $150.

No Deposit Bonus
Nowadays, it is not unusual to find some online casinos that will credit you with a no deposit bonus.

It is not always obligatory to put money into your digital casino account to play your preferred casino games.

Sometimes it is advisable to try the field before formally committing to a particular game. That is precisely why the no deposit bonus came into being. Try it before you put all your eggs in one single basket.

You have the choice to play your preferred games, take your first steps in the world of an online casino, and test the various features before making your official registration.

It is offered on certain occasions such as the launch of a new game or the celebration of holidays such as Christmas.

One might believe that the online casino will give you free money to play with, but one must not forget that getting bonuses is always conditioned by attribution criterion. It is best to go through the fine print!

Free Play Bonus
The free play bonuses are similar to the no deposit bonuses, except that it will not be possible to collect the winnings received.

The casino platforms would offer free play bonuses as a part of special offers or when launching new games, for promotional purposes. They are generally subject to a number of limitations. It means that you will only be entitled to an X amount of time, or you will have to wager X amount of money before the bonus gets expired. Later, you will have to put money into the player account to continue the game play.

Free Spins
The ‘free spin bonus’ expression applies to only one category of games, slot machines. They are usually rewarded during a slot tournament or when a casino is looking to promote a particular game.

That being said, before you throw yourself lost on a free spin bonus, you should not forget to check the conditions of getting it. Indeed, some will only give you a minimal number of free spins, while others will be conditioned by a time limit. Others will not involve any specific bet. It is up to you!

Referral Bonus
As its name indicates, a referral bonus will be awarded to any player who sends an email invitation to a friend. This is a pretty catchy bonus with which you will get your money’s worth.

All you have to do is promote the casino to your family, friends, or colleagues. If they register and cite you as a reference, you will receive a percentage of the initial deposit they will make. It can’t be simpler!

The world of casino consists of endless bonuses – one for the high rollers, one for your birthday, one for being loyal, one for entering the world of casino, one for referring a friend or an acquaintance, and so on. Basically, the online casino world spoils the new players, high rollers, low rollers, and social players with different types of bonuses.

The question is – How can punters claim the casino bonus? That’s quite simple, actually!

How to Claim a Casino Bonus?

how to claim casino bonus

Claiming your next casino bonus is easy and perhaps done in three simple steps:

Select your favorite bonuses
If you have decided to play online slots for real money and create a casino account with one of our best sites, all that remains is to check out the new free spins promotions for players available here.

When selecting your bonus, be sure to review the requirements you agree to meet before accepting any free spins offer.

Always skim through the fine print, which can be found in the “Terms and Conditions” section of each individual free spins bonus.

Register at the casino
Making an account only takes a couple of minutes. It will allow you to access our best online casino software providers.

There is a world of excellent online casino games available on platforms. Let’s not forget there are games offered by leading providers like NetEnt, Playtech, and Microgaming.

Claim your offer with a free spin code
Whether your bonus chosen requires a real money deposit or not, you may need a special free spins code to claim it.

Not all free spins bonuses would need a unique code.

Many casinos offer free bonus codes. Most of the time, you just need to make a deposit to claim the bonus. It’s that easy to claim it! In some cases, you would require a special code. It is pretty much like a coupon!

Casino Bonus Wagering Conditions

Before you rush into the bonuses offered by your online casino, be sure to always be aware of their terms and conditions and the betting requirements necessary for their release.

What’s more, also keep in mind that you don’t have to rely on all the casino bonuses, even if they make you want.

Some casinos will impose special conditions on certain games. Others will not hesitate to cancel your bonus and winnings if you try to withdraw too early.

If you need help to figure out how much you need to commit to meet the betting requirements, we advise you to use our bonus calculator (in the right column).

Insert the amount of the deposit, the percentage of the deposit bonus, the amount of the bet, and the percentage of the game contribution you play to get a clear idea.


Moving on, punters always have queries about bonuses being cashable or non-cashable. Let’s find out the truth!

Are Casino Bonuses Cashable?

There are two types of bonuses – the cashable one and the non-cashable one. Of course, the punters would love to get their hands on the cashable ones. But, it is not possible in every casino platform!

The non-cashable bonus is known as the ‘sticky bonus.’ If you have made your winnings through this, unfortunately, you cannot withdraw it. Whatever you win by playing with this bonus will not be cashable! In other words, you can play further with your winnings, but you cannot withdraw it.

Look out for a casino that allows you to withdraw the bonus. The cashable bonus can be withdrawn once the player has finished all the existing rollover prerequisites.



What are casino bonuses?

Online casino bonuses are rewards that are offered as incentives. It can be in the form of welcome, deposit-based, or loyalty to play all the available casino games.

How do casino bonuses work?

It all depends on the online casino you have visited. With the increased number of online casinos, the number of bonus offers is increasing and almost every online casino out there offers its players some form of bonus.

What are the casino bonus codes?

Although there are many online casinos that offer bonuses, you might need an activation code to claim some of the bonuses. The bonus money will be credited to your account after you have entered the bonus code.

What games can I use the casino bonuses on?

This will be clearly outlined in the terms and conditions of the bonus you have accepted. Most online casinos offer bonuses that can be used to play certain slot games like Starburst. These games have different contributions to the bonus wagering requirements.

Should I claim online casino bonuses?

It all depends on what you want to do at the casino. The best thing to do so that you can know whether the bonus is worthwhile is to check the terms and conditions of the bonus. Always make sure the bonus you claim is attached to worthwhile casino bonuses.

Are casino bonuses available for mobile casino play?

Yes, most of the time these bonuses are also available for mobile casino players.

How can I find the best casino bonuses?

With of course. We work around the clock to make sure we recommend online casinos offering the biggest and most generous casino bonuses.

What makes the best casino bonus?

It depends on the rules attached to the bonus. A good casino bonus should be attached to low wagering requirements. Also, the best casino bonus can be used to play your favorite casino games.


Concluding Thoughts

Boosting your overall gameplay is the main purpose of offering bonuses. And of course, the casino wants you to stay loyal and interested in them for a long time. How would the online casino industry work if there are no casino bonuses?

Lack of motivation makes a punter unsatisfied. If one platform is not offering bonuses, another competitor casino will offer it. But, there are some wagering requirements that one needs to abide by.

The industry is against the bonus-abusers, and that’s precisely why certain wagering requirements are necessary.

A bonus will come in different forms – all sizes and shapes. Yes, the high rollers get some brownie points, but even the low rollers get something to start with!

Our suggestion is to READ THE BONUS T&C carefully before you move forward.


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