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Scratch Cards remains one of the most sustainable forms of play.

Remember the traditional scratch cards? People would wait for a long time to get their winnings after scratching the card. Even today, scratch cards are one of the favorite pastimes of people across the globe.

Welcome to the world of digital casino wherein scratch cards are as popular as video slots!

Many internet casinos rely on this popularity by offering virtual equivalents of cardboard cards that you can find in the tobacco office. Scratch cards provide a thrilling experience. When you get it from the corner shop, you cross your fingers and pray to God for a miracle. Your heart beats faster and waits to see what you would get after scratching the card! The thrill and the curiosity keeps you on your toes.

Online scratch cards on casino platforms are much the same! Head to a casino platform (any that you like) and find it in the ‘scratch cards’ section.

Some of them incorporate interactive and fun interfaces, bonuses, and accumulators to make them more exhilarating while keeping the simplicity that players love!

Scratch, and enjoy the winnings!

Let’s take a quick look at what scratch cards are and the rules you need to abide by!

Hold that thought! It may not be a quick look, as this is a comprehensive guide for keen punters.

A Sneak Peek

As one of the oldest casino games, Scratch Cards appeared in the 20th century in the form of sturdy paper.

The very first travel ticket was created in the United States; it is the result of a concept imagined by engineers who thought to incorporate it a watermarked part intended to hide the gain.

The scratch card is a game present in all online or land-based casinos. Today, scratch cards are widely used for community and humanitarian purposes. Several lotteries offer this game, sold in gambling kiosks or tobacco offices. It is exciting and offers huge gains.

While playing intense games and enjoying the live-action are the primary purposes of online gambling, punters take a little break from all the action to grab instant wins. Beginners can begin with scratch cards as there is not much to lose! Plus, scratch cards are always engaging.

Rules of Playing Scratch Cards

Scratching games are elementary to play. Once you have purchased your ticket, you simply have to scratch the glazed part using a coin to discover the result.  If it is an online scratching game, you simply need to drag your mouse cursor over the corresponding part. To use an online scratch ticket, you already need to register at a casino.

After that, go to the area dedicated to online scratch cards and click on one of your choices to start the game. You then choose how much you want to invest in a ticket. Simply click a button that will show the results that were hidden behind the boxes until now.

Some games even offer you to walk your mouse on these to simulate a scratch action. You usually win if you get at least three identical symbols. Depending on the symbols, your bet is multiplied by a more or less strong coefficient.

In the case of winnings, the amount won is displayed on the screen and is added to your bankroll. You can then try your luck on another ticket and see if you manage to generate money.

Scratch Cards Variations

Just like other casino games, Scratch Cards also has many variations.

Casino scratch cards: Players have a variety of options when it comes to theme card games, sports, and fantasy to scratch cards themed casino games.

For example, in a casino scratch card, the player scratches in the hope that his card reveals that he beat the dealer.

  • Instant scratch cards: In other words, the cards are scratched to reveal a result informing the player of a win or loss.
  • Linear scratch cards: The goal of this game is for the player to line up a series of symbols that will result in a win. These scratch cards are larger than others, giving space to the line of symbols.
  • Multiple chances: The multi-chances scratch card works as follows: A player starts by scratching a panel to reveal a number. Once this number or symbol is revealed, it will assume the role of the winning number.

For winning, the player must scratch several other panels to indicate whether or not the hidden symbols match the symbol, which was initially exposed.

Strategies of Playing Scratch Cards

It is difficult to talk about strategy here because scratch cards depend on chance and luck. Yet, as with Bingo, making the right choices can make all the difference between a growing bankroll and one that dries up.

strategies of playing scratch cards

Buy the cheapest scratch cards: the cheapest cards offer low payouts but will make you win more often.

On the contrary, expensive cards will offer high gains (in thousands of dollars), but in return, will offer drastically lower odds of gains.

Choose a theme you understand: it is always better to play on a game you understand than the opposite. It’s also more comfortable and less stressful. Check with the casino to see if all the prizes are still eligible: some prizes may not be won several times during a given period of time (day, week, or month).

If a particular prize or win motivates you, ask the platform first if it is still available before playing.

Scratch Cards in Online Casinos

Most online casinos offer scratch cards of one kind or another, although some casinos prefer to call them “instant win games” or “jackpot games.”The online scratch cards made their first appearance in 2010 but did not succeed in seducing gambling enthusiasts in the same way that online slots and table games did.

However, as Internet casinos continue to offer them, some people must continue to play them.

Some software providers – such as Playtech – offer scratch cards that relate to some of their slot titles online.

As for Playtech, most of their Marvel themed slots also have scratch cards, such as the Avengers-themed Wolverine, Daredevil, and Captain America. Slot machines and scratch cards have the same basic graphics, which is pretty handy when it comes to software development.

Advantages of Online Scratch Cards

  • The online scratch cards game provides players with a much higher payout rate than the physical scratch cards.
  • The game is much faster online.
  • Online scratch cards are available at most casinos; therefore, players can scratch anywhere they want.
  • Players can enjoy no deposit bonuses from online scratch games.
  • With simple and secure banking options, players can make deposits and withdrawals without constraining and have endless hours of entertainment.

Online Scratch Tickets VS Paper Scratch Tickets

Why would you go for an online ticket rather than a paper scratch ticket? First of all, online scratch tickets are virtual and so dematerialized. It means that they can be supported by most digital media (Android phones, PCs, tablets, etc.).

In addition, compared to paper tickets, they cost much less and sometimes offer unthinkable gains, given their payout rates are sometimes close to 90%.

Bonuses at Scratch Cards

Online casinos offer bonuses that vary in nature and value. The best-known bonuses are:

  • Free bonuses that never exceed $20 and are offered to players to test the games offered by the casinos;
  • Bonuses for deposits you get by registering at an online casino to play a scratch game; they magnify the capital you can wager;
  • The free spins or free spins bonuses that are offered so that you have free scratch game games.

TOP Four Online Scratch Games

Considering the criteria mentioned above, here are the top 5 online scratch games that will offer you the best chances of winning.

top scartch cards

The Skratcherz
From the designer Betsoft, the Skratcherz scratch game is the only one that offers four kinds of games in one.
It means that for the same game, you can try four of its versions by betting between $1 and $5. Hence, understand that this is an exception that you should test.

Triple Wins Star Ticket
The appeal of this scratch card is not on its design, but rather on the probabilities of gain it offers.
Indeed, for its small prize of one euro, it has a payout rate valued at 87.5%. This means that you have a 50% chance of winning its minimum jackpot set at $50,000.

Pirates Scratch
The Pirates Scratch is, as its name suggests, a scratch game whose theme is built around the pirate theme.
Apart from the fact that it can allow you to win up to $20,000, this is a game with a high winning probability.

Penguin Payday Scratch Card
The Penguin Payday is the one that stands out for the beauty of its interface.
On top of that, it leaves you free to choose how much you want to bet. The latter must be between $0.1 and $100. The probability of winning is also great.

How to Choose the Right Casino?

Considering the array of online casinos that offer scratch games, it may seem complicated for some to choose the right site for their games. Still, it is the simplest thing.

To choose the right site, check that the one you are offered has an official license (the licenses of Malta, the UK, and Curacao are the best known).

After that, make sure that the site offers you a free version of the scratch game that interests you. It can be extremely useful when you are a beginner.

Finally, you can google other players’ reviews to find out the most reputable, reliable sites, and show their players how to win at scratch games, even if they are rare.

Tips for Increasing your Payout Rates

Do not give up even after some unlucky tickets

Admittedly, we tend to try several different games. As soon as one card loses, we move on to another. Only perseverance ends up paying off. If you wish to win big bucks, it is better to stay on the same game, even if it means to chain the losses. Why? Because there are a number of winning tickets and in the long run you get a result. In short, don’t pass your turn!

Keep an eye on your bets while being your cool

Gambling provides adrenaline, excitement, frustration, a lot of feelings at the same time. Sometimes you don’t want to stop, even if it is not your lucky day. You really have to be careful to stay calm and play smart.

Moreover, many online casinos insist on this point, with the mention of responsible gambling. Our advice is to set a maximum amount before you start and stick to it. You can try again next time.

Concluding Thoughts

Games like Blackjack and Poker require efficient skills, patience, and in-depth knowledge about the game. Can we say the same about scratch cards? We don’t think so! It all depends on chance – PURE CHANCE.

When you are trying to select a scratch card, to begin with, look for the highest payout. You must also check out the RTP of the game.

Once you have chosen the scratch card you wish to play with, it will be quite straightforward to begin the game. All you need to do is choose/select the stake, hitting the play button, and selecting the ‘scratch’ panel or revealing what’s behind it!

Make sure you play wisely and choose the cheapest card. Slow and steady, ALWAYS wins the race. You must start the game as a low roller, and then slowly, you can move to the bigger wins! Sometimes, you will get an auto-play option, and other times, you can use ‘reveal all’ or ‘scratch all.’

So, take a break from intensive casino gaming and try your luck here. You might just hit the jackpot! Plus, it will keep you hooked for a long time.

Easy to play, fun, and rewarding – scratch cards are timeless!


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