Casino Gamblers Surges Despite Online Gaming Boom

Casino Gamblers Surges Despite Online Gaming Boom
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Gamblers surged as casinos in Mississippi and Louisiana resumes operation this week. Guests travelled miles and waited in long lines to enter the gambling facilities. Casino patrons went back to their old gambling habit despite the tempting popularity of online gaming.

Gamblers waited months for the reopening after months of closure due to government measures implemented to fight the deadly novel coronavirus. Casinos were closed for more than two months because of the strict stay-at-home orders of the government.

Coronavirus hits casino revenues

Casino all around the world reported losses in revenue after following government mandate to halt operations. Some small companies feared bankruptcy because they are unable to cover expenses during the lockdowns.

Casinos continued paying their workers despite near zero income. Some casinos decided to furlough their employees in order to survive the rough road brought by the pandemic. Casinos reported huge decline in profit during the first quarter of the year and are hoping to recover during their reopening.

Safety and health measures before reopening

Employees of the casinos called for health protocols before the reopening to ensure their safety. In response, government and industry regulators imposed coronavirus protection protocols like mandatory temperature checking before entrance of employees and guests.

Regulators required casinos to place markers on the casino floors to ensure that social distancing is practiced every time. Other casinos decided to limit the number of guests to ensure social servicing practices.

Some casinos shut down some slot machines to provide space between players. Casinos are given the go signal to reopen after they have presented their reopening plan that includes their coronavirus response.

Online gaming gains popularity amidst coronavirus threat

The online gaming industry gained momentum when the coronavirus started and as government imposed lockdowns. Gamblers started looking for an alternative following the postponement and cancellation of major sports events and closures of casinos. Online platforms reported a surge in registration and logins during the lockdowns.

Google reported an increase in the number of searches for online gambling platforms. Gamblers got hooked on online gaming due to its accessibility and the wide variety of choices they present.

Casino reopening draws gamblers despite boom of online gaming

The Wall Street Journal reported that, following the announcement casinos in Mississippi and Louisiana to reopen, guests started travelling long distances and waited in lines to be accommodated in the casinos.

On Monday, casinos in Lake Charles, Shreveport, Baton Rouge, and in suburbs of the New Orleans were given the go signal to resume operations. The news outlet reported that approximately 60 individuals lined up outside of Baton Rogue’s L’Auberge and 95 people are waiting outside of Margaritaville in Shreveport. It was also reported that gamblers cooperated with the casinos coronavirus preventive measures while staying on the line.

Some gamblers preferred playing in actual casinos than playing online. A report said that New Jersey’s initiative to regulate online casinos paid off after reaching a record high of $80 million in April.  Online casinos gathered huge patrons because it allows various methods of payment. Still, success of traditional and online casinos varies depending on the state.

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