Connecticut Raises Coronavirus Warnings As Casinos Start Reopening

Connecticut Raises Coronavirus Warnings As Casinos Reopen
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Connecticut urged everyone to avoid joining the large crowd and to avoid gambling as the novel coronavirus threat continued. The state objected to the reopening of two big-time casinos by posting electronic signs in visible places.

Casinos eager to reopen

Casinos follow state regulations upon license registration and while operating. However, the casino management also has the right to reopen the operations as they see fit. Following the state’s move to relax its novel coronavirus measures, casinos started their plans to resume their operations.

The gambling industry is eager to go back to business after almost three months of closure. Casinos lost a tremendous amount of revenue as they cover expenses brought by the closures, including wages and rents. A prolonged shutdown could mean bankruptcy for some smaller gambling operators.

Casino operators are eager to recover from the losses they accumulated while on lockdown. Many are prepared to gamble safely from the virus to recover investments they’ve lost. The Pequot Tribal Nation, owners of the Foxwoods Resort Casino, and the Mohegan Tribe, owners of Mohegan Sun, are among those who wanted to go back to business.

The two casinos reopened their operations and guests over the weekend amidst pleas from Governor Ned Lamont to delay the schedule. The casinos hoped for a smooth reopening as they aim to revive its economy struck hard by the pandemic.

State says ‘Avoid Large Crowds, Don’t Gamble With COVID’

In response to the reopening, the Department of Transportation showed the Governor’s objections by placing four portable signs flashing “Avoid Large Crowds, Don’t Gamble With COVID.” The Governor expressed his discontent, saying that he is not happy about it.

Mr. Lamont hoped that the casinos could have reopened in late June, like the neighboring states. He believed that it should have been safer for both employees and guests if the casinos reopened on a later date.

The Governor has limited power over the autonomous tribes. He wanted to pull the licenses of the casinos for liquor in response to the reopening.

Rodney Butler, chairman of the Mashantucket Pequot tribe, said that the signs are kind of catchy. He believed that people are putting pressure on the Governor to do aggressive things.

The chairman said that the Governor would be comfortable with the safety measures that they placed on the gambling venues after the scheduled visit of Mr. Lamont’s commissioners. The tribe assured that they followed the protocols recommended by the state.

The state-mandated to place warning of the dangers of the deadly pathogen to the health of people 65 years and older, and those have pre-existing conditions. The tribe implemented additional health and safety measures in the casinos. Casinos are advised to keep the floor smoke free, install smoking areas outside of the casinos.

The casinos were advised to follow social distancing protocols all around the casinos.

They are also required to install sanitary and disinfecting stations in many places inside the casino. On Monday, more than a thousand visitors visited the tribe’s Foxwoods casino.

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