IBIA Addresses New Global Sports Data Standards

IBIA Addresses Global Sports Data Standards
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The International Betting Integrity Association has notified all the groups in the supply chain to design a series of international standard practices of sports betting for all providers. The supply chain includes operators from sports betting data.

The purpose is to achieve a suitable practice that safeguards’ integrity of the sports data along with the betting markets. By betting the market, IBIA considers the betting market associated with the sports data and the people engaged in it.

Statements Made By the CEO of IBIA

Khalid Ali is the CEO at International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA). According to him, maintaining the reliability and integrity of the sports event data is highly crucial for their members. Moreover, the current COVID-19 pandemic has imposed major challenges that represent the need for stronger data chains. The members of the data supply chain are going to get an advantage as we will assure that their data is protected with a high level of transparency and accuracy.

He also added that IBIA and its associated members have been looking at this problem internally for some time. They are planning to take the initiative to move a step forwards and in turn include an appropriate industry-wide debate.

Thus, IBIA wants all stakeholders, particularly the data providers to join this association and its members in a dedicated way. In this way, they can implement and build best-practice standards across the collation, sale, and circulation of sports data for betting.

Stats Perform Collaborates With IBIA

A Chicago based analytics and sports data company named Stats Perform is one of the affiliate members of IBIA. According to them, the company completely commended and supported the association for taking the agenda for uniform sports data standards.

A Chief Commercial Officer at Stats Perform named Andrew Ashenden also showed their interest. He commented that they are a dedicated sports entity and possess an extensive business in the professional sports, media, and betting sectors.

For them, trust in sports is pre-eminent and is essential for all their customers as well as for their sports industry. For many years, they have been contributing to unique integrity as well as quality control infrastructure. Their contribution towards sports continues to be the heart of their services.

No matter where the challenges arrive in data integrity, it is dangerous to the industry. Hence, they are looking forward to bring their expertise with the help of IBIA and its members on building the best global practices.

Over the years, they have been maintaining this teamwork in the space around government bodies, regulators, sports federations, third party integrity suppliers, and most importantly data and operator providers.

Jake Marsh is the head of integrity at Stats Perform. He concluded that their company has the firm quality assurance as well as integrity approaches in the areas around its data supply chain. It will be a huge honor to work with the association, its members, and other stakeholders on best practices to protect the integrity of betting and sports.

The IBIA calls several parties for the supply chain after providing a collective warning together with the Tennis Integrity Unit (TIU). The reason being the increased risk of control in the sports as matches and tournaments will not take place due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Therefore all operators, both across the industry and among its members along with data providers agreed to determine and prevent several match-fixing attempts.

About International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA)

IBIA is the global voice on integrity issues prevailing across the betting industry. It is driven by operators for operators in order to protect its members from exploitation through a united effort.

Its platform supports an anti-corruption tool that determines and addresses suspicious activities of the members’ across betting markets. It represents the region at high-level policy forums including the Council of Europe, UN ND, and IOC.

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