River Spirit Casino Reopen Twice, Survives Flood, Pandemic

River Spirit Casino Reopen Twice, Survives Flood and Pandemic
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River Spirit Casino Resort plans its second reopening after surviving two crises in the past 12 months. The  resort closed doors to guests and gambling visitors in May 2019 because of the flood in the area and the coronavirus pandemic this year.

Employees of the casinos rushed back to work on Monday during the reopening after months of closure.

 River Spirit Casino Before and After the Flood

River Spirit casino floor is usually flooded with guests, roaming around and enjoying their stay inside the luxurious gambling venue. The hotel and casino offer a variety of services, including hotel accommodation and casino games like Margaritaville, electronic games, table games, and poker.

In May last year, the casino was struck by a crisis caused by the sudden rise of water in the river of Tulsa, causing a flood in the area. The casino decided to halt operations but was able to survive because of the building’s engineering design. The management closed doors after the water level reached almost every parking lot, roads, and lawns of the casino.

Pat Crofts, CEO of River Spirit Casino, said that all of the Resort hotel, Margaritaville and Ruth’s Chris restaurants, Margaritaville and River Spirit Casinos, Paradise Cove Theater were safe from the flood. However, the resort pool area is at high risk.

The casino resumed operations the next month, losing nearly $2.5 million on employee paychecks and other costs. The casino continued paying the employees while it is closed.

The company managed to survive the flood and is on its way to recovery when the coronavirus pandemic appeared on the scenario.

Surviving another crisis

The pandemic struck the casino while working out promotions and schemes to recover from the previous crisis. River Spirit halted operations when the government-mandated home quarantines to protect everyone against the deadly pathogen.

The casino reopened its doors to employees and guests in June, the second reopening within a year. More than 2,200 employees of the Muscogee casinos returned to work on Monday after 11 weeks of rest from work.

Like on the first closure, the casino continued paying its employees while at home quarantine, never missing a single paycheck.

The CEO said that they lost almost 25 percent of their revenue for this year after closing for nearly three months. During the reopening, the casino imposed strict safety and health measures. New hygiene and sanitation protocols were implemented.

The casino management maintained social distancing inside the gambling venue. Unlike the reopening of other US casinos, there were no long lines of people wanting to enter the facility. On Sunday evening, management hosted a VIP private opening, allowing people to stay in the hotel until the next day.

Guests of the hotel showed up earlier than 10 a.m., the reopening schedule. The guests entered without delay limiting too much traffic. Muscogee casinos, including Beggs, Holdenville, Eufaula, Bristow, Checotah, Okemah, Okmulgee, and Muskogee, resumed operations.

The reopening followed the government’s move to loosen coronavirus measures. The reopenings were in line with the protocols mandated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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