Saratoga Casino Hotel Employees Receives WARN Notices

Saratoga Casino
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Hundreds of employees of Saratoga Casino Hotel will soon lose their jobs as the gambling facility cushions the impact of the novel coronavirus in its operation. The casino was hardly hit by the prolonged lockdowns aimed at preventing the spread of the novel coronavirus.

During the lockdowns, the management furloughed the employees to minimize operational cost.

Businesses around the globe reported massive losses in the last four months because of the imposed stay-at-home mandates. Casinos in the US shut down doors to guests since mid-March. State leaders gradually resumed economic activities in their territories because they are almost out of funds to support government functions and coronavirus preventive initiatives.

The casinos were given a chance to recover losses from the last four months when restrictions were lifted. The gambling facilities needed to follow strict guidelines from health regulators during the reopening. They were ordered to cap operational capacities to ensure social distancing inside the facilities.

More people lost a job because of the pandemic

Limitations in the operational capacity of the casinos cut revenues massively. Casinos can no longer support having hundreds of employees with their limited guests and income. The facilities have no choice but to initiate drastic strategies to save the company from bankruptcy.

Letting go of some of the non-crucial employees is one of the most common strategies used by companies during dark times. Some might impose pay reduction or furloughing employees, but most of the time, they reduce workers. Some companies in Las Vegas registered to the gambling commission for approval to issue WARN notice to their employees.

Companies with more than 100 employees needed to issue a WARN notice to the employees sixty days before the effectivity of the mass dismissal. The issuance of the notice is mandated under the WARN Act aimed at protecting workers, their families, and the community. Companies needed the approval of the gambling commission if they want to issue WARN notice to their workers.

Saratoga Casino Hotel issues warn notice to employees

On Wednesday, Saratoga Casino Hotel issued the notice to its 401 team members that they furloughed months ago. Alex Tucker, general manager of Saratoga Casino Hotel, recognized the legal obligation of the company to notify their furloughed employees that they will lose their jobs.

The company is hoping that they will soon recover and welcome back the employees and guests before reaching the sixth-month mark. The temporary closure of the company since March 16 due to the novel coronavirus has affected 80 per cent of workers.

The resort paid its employees during the first two weeks of the closure, and they continued receiving their health insurance until the lay –off takes effect. The company said they needed to let go, employees, because of circumstances beyond their control and the uncertainty of the outcome of their reopening.

The law requires companies to issue the notices 60 days before the effectivity to provide a transition to the possibility of losing their jobs and workers can find alternative means of living or find a new job. The resort said they are now ready to open the business to their patrons.

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