SBC Digital Summit Tackles Covid-19 Effect On Online Casino And Poker

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The SBC Digital Summit 2020 is an essential event for the betting and gaming industry, especially now that almost every industry is affected by the economic risks of the covid-19.

The summit will take place in the form of a virtual and interactive conference of global gaming industry leaders which aims at the sharing experiences of delegates from different parts of the world.

The current digital conference will discuss the effects of the covid-19 pandemic to digital gaming and betting platforms like online casinos and poker.

BC Digital Summit 2020

Industries around the globe need to work together to overcome the economic risks the pandemic brings.  The SBC Digital Summit offers the chance for business leaders to discuss important industry issues without the need to meet in an actual venue or to travel.  The summit will provide a platform that helps the industry in connecting and in sharing knowledge essential to the industry’s survival.

Not less than 140 industry leaders are expected to share their expertise as they aim to bounce back from challenges brought by the pandemic.  The leaders will provide their insights and give reports on the progress of their operations.

The summit will also showcase a virtual exhibition of the latest innovations from big-time suppliers. SBC can also provide a one-one direct connection between participants through a fully interactive virtual networking space.

Online Casino and Poker Amidst Covid-19 Pandemic

The second day of the summit is focused on leadership in the iGaming industry. During the day, the CEOs discussed how they managed their operations while their employees are working remotely.

The industry leaders discussed two crucial game-changers for the industry on the second day.

Ivan Felletti, moderator and COO of Gaming Malta, focused the discussion on how the CEOs continue to lead.  Alex Tomic, CEO of Alea, advised that leaders should “cut the crap” which means to recreate the human link lost from the office instead of spending too much time talking to self.  The CEO explained that remote meetings cut down on both innovation but also empathy as they create a bit of tunnel vision.   The CEO also advised that leaders need to continually check on their employees and see if they are doing well.

CE of Genesis Group, Ariel Reem, noted the element of education in their leadership.

He explained that employees are learning how to work as they teach themselves how to work remotely.  He also said that they planned and anticipated that the situation might continue a little longer.

The CEOs all agreed that the number of new casino players increased but not the amount of bets.

Alexander Stevendahl, CEO of Videoslots, and Itai Zak, CEO of GoWild Gaming, both concluded that the increase in the number of gamers would stay for long.

Jonas Odmun, Founder and CEO of Rising Sun Media, discussed the potential of online poker.  He agreed with Dmitry Starostenkov, CEO of Evenbet Gaming, along with Founder & Event Director of the Malta Poker Festival, Ivonne Montealegre and Sergii Romanenko, COO of POKERO. They predicted that online poker would reach its second golden age because of the pandemic. 

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