UMode By Unikrn Reshapes The World Of Esports Skill Betting

UMode Reshapes The World Of Esports Skill Betting
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From the past few years, several video gamers are found to excel gaming skills in their favorite titles. When it comes to Esports, the level of competition found here is incomparable to any other real-world sports or entertainment industry.

As a result, Unikrn has found an approach to come up with its own unique and new dimensions in the world of Esports with an interesting UMode feature.

Opportunities For Players

Today, the impact of Esports betting across the world cannot be denied. Now, it will see to have a formula of the true house vs. player for the people to know something like this. Unikrn has adapted innovative and blockchain-based approaches in its games so that the players get the chance to do their favorite betting.

Not just that, they can even wager according to their interest in Esports team, titles, and events. In this way, they can live their life like a successful pro gamer and get the opportunity to win rewards from their performances in the game.

The Esports platform will enable the players to deal their betting with cash, cryptocurrencies and in house currency of Gold Unikoins according to their area. The games will include Dota 2, League of Legends, and Fortnite. Currently, the variety of games has been extended to include Player Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG), Halo 5, Fortnite, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, and a lot more.

The UMode appears as a different platform due to the use of its applicable matchmaking system. At the time of wagering, players are asked to synchronize their Xbox,, or Steam profiles to make sure that the match they are playing perfectly fits their skills. It will not only remove their constant skill issues of smurf or shark accounts but also ensure that their experience with UMode is fun and fair-minded.

What Took UMode to Unikrn?

Rahul Sood is the CEO of Unikrn. According to him, Unikrn is developed by players and aims to provide gamers with a better way to boost their gaming. Over the years, players have been requesting them to bring back the games of their desired interest along with making their matchmaking more fun.

Unikrn has always endorsed by top stars of Hollywood like Ashton Kutcher or industry experts such as Shari Redstone and Guy O’Seary. But now, it is a site driven by players who love to enjoy competitive gaming and they will provide wagering to those on UMode.

Unikrn will welcome all types of skilled and experienced Esports enthusiasts. There will be no cool down periods, wait time, or knowledge about what other players are doing. It will be all fair with incredible amount of fun.

Gaming Challenges

In the beginning, players will be challenged to synchronize their profiles. Different games will have different challenges and winning this challenge will straight away direct them to their desired games. Not just that, they can also be brought up to something more particular like defusing a specific number of bombs. It will thus enable all types of players to search wager according to their preference.

The advanced and innovative technologies will keep all the records of the player’s performance. Moreover, it will modify the challenges so that the players can match their gaming skills. The players will be also allowed to interact with other community leader boards in order to add some more competition in the mix. It will show how players are performing and giving their best in gaming.

UMode is completely followed by a range of systems developed to ensure only those people who are of legal age for gambling and can take part in their favorite bets. All details of wagers will remain confidential and secured in specific regions around the world.

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