United Remote Has Moved Its Headquarters To The 14th East Skyscraper

United Remote Has Moved Its Headquarters To The 14th East Skyscraper
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Aggregator United Remote has shifted its headquarters to the second tallest building of Malta that is the new 14 East skyscraper. It is also recognized as a landmark building that can be observed from the city named Valletta.

The shift is not only aimed for a change, but the premises in East skyscraper reflects a move towards excelling competition that incorporates restructuring to gain entirety.

Why Aggregator Decided to Move to East skyscraper?

14 East skyscraper is already known for its astonishing scenes, which can be seen from St Julian and Sliema’s to the Valletta and Island of Manoel. The office can also be seen from Mdina, a fortified city in the northern region of Malta. Furthermore, the iconic building and its scenes can be observed from the office’s glass windows. Its modern acoustic treatments have made it possible even without compromising on the company’s privacy.

Purpose Of United Remote

The aggregation platform of United Remote offers a vast portfolio of games from renowned international partners along with advanced real-time back-end devices for casino operators. The firm has successfully completed a duration of in-depth restructuring.

As a result, restructuring has allowed them to make use of the latest technology along with enterprise investments. The company’s culture has been immensely rebuilt to offer added value to the casino operators. Moreover, as the firm invested in its office at 14 East, this proves that their team has a major goal to be the leading industry platform.

With a team of more than 30 people, United Remote settles three levels within the remarkable new 14 East skyscraper. They aim to provide services and technology employed by the leading iGaming industry across the world.

A part of its space is utilized by an invigorate United Remote Games. They are the ones who aim to design a legacy portfolio and in turn, bring the latest releases to the markets with increasing prevalence.

In addition to technology improvements and investments, the firm has been modifying the agreements that it had placed them before. The purpose of the agreement was to de-risk the entire company and to focus specifically on its customer protection.

Moreover, the company has been developing a robust compliance culture and in turn, increasing its standards regarding transparency. The glass-fronted 14 East represents this transparency every day for each individual of the team.

The company has further embraced essential change to modernize new integrations and offer operators more lucrative real-time data. It’s a part of accelerating United Remote’s offerings to the iGaming industry and thus assuring that B2B platforms are provided priority with efficient back-end tools. This way the operators can easily arrange such tools that are available on their channel.

Statements Made By The CEO

Jeremy Fall is the CEO of United Remote. He stated that its great to observe this global firm operating in this new environment at the 14 East. It has successfully moved its office to this new stunning new location.

With the affirmation of Malta, as a supportive and excellent administration, their firm is able to reach great heights. For the entire team, working in the office is quite inspirational and they are looking forward to further enhance their business at 14 East over the next few years.

About United Remote

United Remote is an innovative, new, and modern platform as well as a game development studio. They build high development products with precision and passion.

Their main objective is to offer exciting, accurate, and user-friendly services to the iGaming industry. Moreover, they provide services as an Aggregator, White Label, and a broad range of games from their Game studio.

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