Betcris Joins IBIA And Becomes First Continent Operator From America

Betcris Joins IBIA And Becomes First Continent Operator From America
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Betcris is recognized as the leading sports betting company in Latin America. It has taken membership at International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA) in order to build up the company’s monitoring as well as alert coverage for the region. Betcris is the first betting operators from America to join the IBIA family.

Purpose Of Joining IBIA

Since 2006, Betcris has been led by TV Global Enterprises Limited. It provides virtual sports betting services across several countries in the world. However, it has a stronger base in the Latin American betting markets, where it functions under retail premises as well.

In 2019, already five new members have joined IBIA, and Betcris is the second operator to connect with it.

After taking the membership, the company’s operational staff will share its sports betting related data to the IBIA. With the help of this data, they can track all the suspicious betting methods practiced in sports.

Statements Made by The CEO

The CEO at the International Betting Integrity Association is Khalid Ali. According to him, their brand is delighted to invite one of the leading sports betting companies in Latin America to IBIA. Betcris is a well-known investor in the field of sports along with building several sponsorship deals. The deals also cover Brasileiro Série A and are well-positioned to set up their monitoring coverage of current and evolving markets in that region.

By looking at this, many other operators of Latin America will also follow the step taken by Betcris and make commitments to IBIA. Moreover, they will also aim to connect with the world’s biggest operator-run betting association for sports in the world.

JD Duarte is the CEO of Betcris. He also commented that IBIA has always been at the heart of its approach as a sustainable and viable business model. For the IBIA, it has become more crucial than ever at the time of the challenging trading period.

As a part of IBIA’s monitoring body, they will have access to license requirements as well as a business necessity. It is also proved by Brazilian sports betting law and existing legislative developments.

IBIA is the world’s largest leader on integrity and Betcris and its members feel honored to work with them. This way, they can be able to safeguard sports from suspicious activities along with their business from wrongful actions.

About IBIA

The IBIA is a prominent global voice on integrity across the license betting industry. Their team has a common objective of fighting against betting corruption in order to safeguard the ingenuity of sports and their businesses.

Introduced in 2005, they work around six continents. Its members are required go through a stringent as well as diligent approach and must stick to their code of conduct, dedicating them to responsible betting activities.

IBIA’s monitoring and the alert platform is an effective anti-corruption tool that determines and acts on suspicious practices on its members’ betting markets. The other sports leading partners of IBIA include TIU, UEFA, FIFA, and IOC.

About TV Global Enterprises And Betcris

TV Global Enterprises along with its Betcris brand of Sportsbook supports a legal and safe online platform for sports betting through innovative and traditional channels. With the help of agile and reliable design, the company rapidly adapts to unexpected modifications in market demand, regulation, and technology.

Its core objective is to bring out efficiency in the operational methods, enforcing new ideas, and employing resources to influence customer engagement.

Its strategies are centered across the powerful reputation that it has developed from years of working in the evolving markets of Latin America. The company efficiently works on its business aspects including accessible and easy payment solutions, access to technology, and basic betting around the markets

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