Coronavirus Boosts Demand For Africa’s Online Casino

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The novel coronavirus changed everyone’s way of living. The lockdown measures imposed shifted people’s attention to online services, and people relied on the internet for necessities and entertainment.

The internet was the only source of entertainment for many during the stay-at-home orders of the government.

People ordered almost everything on the internet since many shops were closed to prevent the spread of the deadly disease. Financial transactions were done using mobile devices as people avoid traveling and gathering in groups. The lockdown increased the number of gamblers playing in online gambling platforms.

Online gambling, such as online casinos and sportsbooks, became a trend since the pandemic started. The closure of land-based gambling facilities contributed to the growth of the online gambling industry.

The novel coronavirus caused a massive decline in the revenue of land-based casinos and other gambling facilities, but it brought enormous development for the online gambling industry.

Africa’s growing online gambling industry

Faster internet speed and the growing number of young people with access to mobile devices helped in the growth of the online gambling industry. The lockdowns and social distancing measures shifted the attention of everyone towards e-commerce and online entertainment services.

Casinos in South Africa were shut down in mid-March to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. The gambling venues were given a chance to operate again, but they needed to follow strict health and safety protocols to ensure the safety of both employees and guests.

The strict rules and regulations in land-based casinos changed the country’s gambling landscape, as many South Africans shifted to online casino gaming. Online gaming is a new arena for South African casino operators. The demand for online gambling in the country continued to grow despite strict government restrictions.

Finding reliable casinos in South Africa

Online gambling is one of the fastest-growing industries in South Africa. The industry could provide billions in tax revenue for the country if properly regulated, and the gamblers must choose the most reliable and secured online gambling platform in the market. Legal online casino platforms protect the interest of the government, the operators, and the gamblers.

Regulators warn against joining unregulated online casinos since they bring a high risk for gamblers. Gamblers provide their personal and financial information to the platforms upon subscription. Regulated online casino platforms are guaranteed to secure the data of the gamblers. Personal and financial information of the users could be used in theft and other fraudulent activities.

Many websites provide information about reliable and licensed casinos. The sites serve as guides to new online gamblers by verifying the legality of online gambling platforms. It assists new gamblers and helps them avoid fraudulent platforms.

The National Gambling Act of 2004 stated that online gambling, including online casinos, is illegal. Gamblers play in offshore online casinos since the government does not allow online casinos in the territory. Overseas online casino operations are also illegal in the country. Despite the government’s restrictions, gamblers still find means to place their bets on online gambling platforms.

Legislators in South Africa are now urging the government to legalize online gambling.

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