Fantasy Springs Resort Casino Opens Door To Guests

Fantasy Springs Resort Opens Door To Guests
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Fantasy Springs Resort Casino in Indio resumed operations on Tuesday. The casino halted operations for almost two months because of the novel coronavirus. Fantasy Springs followed the government’s mandate to temporarily close the business because of the threat of the pandemic.

Casino adapts health and safety measures during the reopening

The industry regulators mandated casinos to adopt the measures required to protect the lives of employees and guests against the contagion of the coronavirus pandemic and other viruses that threaten lives. In response, casinos in the US implementing health and safety protocols before reopening.

Almost every casino in the country prepared plans and implemented strict guidelines hoping to attract gamblers. Coronavirus struck the industry for nearly three months. The virus significantly cut revenues of the gambling houses.

Fear of bankruptcy rose during the first months of the spread, as the states imposed coronavirus contagion protocols. Most states implemented stay-at-home measures. They urged everyone to stay at home and be safe from the fatal pathogen.

During the lockdowns, gamblers found refuge in online gambling platforms. Google reported an increase in searches for online betting and online gambling platforms. The online gaming industry reported a significant growth in registrations and logins.

Fantasy Springs resumes operations

As governments relax the fight against the unseen enemy, Casinos began planning their reopening. Many casinos resumed operations aiming to recover soon from the economic decline caused by the pandemic. Some state leaders are against the reopening of the gaming venues, but they are powerless when it comes to the autonomy of the operators.

The Cabazon Band of Mission Indians announced the reopening of the Fantasy Springs’ casinos. The announcement confirmed that they opened the golf course and the quick-service restaurants. Michael Felci, the resort’s spokesman, said that they opened the doors around 8 a.m. June 2.

The resort ensured that they followed a list of health and safety guidelines. The casino required its guests to wear face masks at all times inside the gambling facility, and they also required players to wear the masks in the casino’s Eagle Falls Golf Course.

Just like in other casinos, they also required guests and employees to submit themselves to temperature checking. Smoking is restricted inside the casino floor, but a designated smoking area outside the building is available for smokers.

The resort stayed closed for more than two months after its closure on March 17. The resort and casino expect to start the second phase of the launch in the coming days. The second phase will resume the operations of is hotel, dine-in restaurants, live entertainment, bowling, and retail outlets.

Experts believe that the gradual opening of casinos in the country will contribute less impact to the rising fame of online gambling and betting. People’s reliance on online services is the new normal.

Experts believe that people will continue the trend of using online services like food delivery services, online banking, and online gaming, even after the coronavirus pandemic. At the same time, surveys also proved that the rise in online gambling does not affect the revenue of traditional gambling houses.

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