Indian Casino Market A Prime Target For European Firms

indian casino market
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Considering the latest batch of strict gambling regulations in several countries in Europe, casino operators are looking for alternative markets. While some are expanding into established markets like the United States, some operators are becoming more ambitious by targeting other markets.

A recent study have shown that the Indian casino market is largely untapped, despite the fact that there are millions of players in the country. This makes the country a prime target for European casino operators, and some are already making expansion plans.

The appeal of European casinos

Indian players are attracted to European casinos because of their lucrative prizes and bonuses. With the power of the internet, many people in India are looking to make it big in international platforms. It is also important to consider that there are a lot of local casino operators and bookmakers in the country, but their prizes are not as lucrative as those offered by international operators.

Most casino operators in India operate locally. Moreover, their services are somewhat limited and there is a relatively small return in terms of prizes and bonuses. For this particular reason, many Indian players are flocking international casino platforms because of the rewarding programs and bonuses.

Another important factor to consider why Indian players are ditching local operators in favor of international casinos is the number of available games. While a particular operator can offer up to a hundred of games on their website, European casinos can offer as much as a thousand.

Having a huge library of games means that players have more option to choose from and they are not limited to just a handful of games. Moreover, players will not get easily bored since there are thousand other options for them to choose from.

In some cases, a local Indian casino operators only offers one or two type of games. European casino platforms usually support multiple, if not all popular types of casino games. It is highly unusual for a European casino to not offer multiple type of games on their platform.

The future of casino in India

Many analyst agree that European casinos have a bright future in India. However, because of the coronavirus pandemic, expansion in the country has been on hold.

Based on the current trend, Indian players look to European casinos more favorable than its local counterparts. Many analysts agree that when casino platforms reach the mainstream audience, the potential revenue is huge.

For now, casino platforms is still a relatively niche industry. However, recent quarters have proved that it is one of the fastest growing industries in the country.

However, there is one catch to this unprecedented growth. As player numbers continue to grow in the country, big casino platforms will try to take a bigger piece of the cake. This means that competition will be tough once major players enter the fray.

It appears that the Indian casino industry is off to a great start, despite the current surge of the coronavirus pandemic. It will only take some time before the industry reaches the mainstream consciousness.

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