Online Gambling Will Keep The Casino Industry Afloat

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The global spread of the deadly COVID-19 virus dragged the global markets down, bringing depressing news from the US, European, and Asian-Pacific markets. Investors see a drastic downturn in the global economy as the pandemic continues to silence economic activities worldwide.

Experts expect a bleaker global economic future than the Great Depression because of business lockdowns, and they predicted that the virus’s damage would not reach less than $8.8 trillion. The mage is estimated to be near 10 percent of the global GDP. Analysts fear that business won’t recover as stocks stumble in all sectors. The majority of shares in the market fell to negative levels last week.

Gambling and casino stocks drop amid COVID-19 pandemic

Key industries in many countries, including airline, tourism, chemical, hotels, and motels, continue to sink as government measures heighten amid virus spread. In April, retail stocks fell by 16.4 percent, surpassing down surge in March. The quarantines caused gambling and casino stocks to drop significantly because gamblers cannot visit venues since their mandatory closure in January.

The casino industry is one of the first companies to close operations when the pandemic started since crowds of people in venues always touch chips, cards, slot machines, and drinks, making them more prone to virus contamination.

Airlines are also affected by the closures since some gamblers need to travel by air to visit casinos in Las Vegas, Finland, or other places. Reaching the casinos in other areas is impossible since airplanes were pinned to the ground.

Since the casino shutdown, gambling stocks fell by more than 49 percent, negatively affecting companies.

Light at the end of the tunnel

Analysts see the possibilities of repairing the plummeting casino industry. They know the strength of the casino industry’s balance sheets, which is more reliable than in other sectors. Casino companies’ capacity to meet short-term financial obligations is far better than the ratio of any airline company.

The stable rate of casino companies suggests their strength to remain solvent. Casino industries exhibit ratios equal to or greater than 2, indicating a higher probability of remaining liquid in 2020. Casino industries move to strengthen their balance sheets ensures their chance to survive the current drag in the global economy. Billions of savings of casino companies ensure that they will survive the future.

Analysts also predicted that the gambling industry would emerge with lesser losses compared to other sectors.

The momentum gained by virtual casinos during the pandemic will serve as a caution for the industry. The gambling industry continued to earn money through online gambling platforms. People stuck in their homes turned to online gambling since they are deprived of their usual activities.

Analysts also see great potential in no registration casinos introduced in Finland, Sweden, and Germany. The type of casino is illegal in the United Kingdom and other European countries. The new scheme does not require new players to fill up a lengthy registration form.

They are only needed to write down some personal information like name, date of birth, gender, e-mail, and snail-mail addresses. These casinos skip the usual lengthy process and allow players to wage without losing much.

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