Order Issued By Michigan Gaming Control Board Enables Online And Mobile Betting On Horse Races

Michigan Gaming Control Board Enables Online And Mobile Betting On Horse Races
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The Michigan Gaming Control Board has moved a step ahead in expanding its gambling market after accepting betting on online horse racing. It has accepted virtual betting via desktop and mobile devices on advance deposit horse racing, after the order was released by its executive director Richard S. Kalm.

According to the director, the new order will provide a novel option to bettors in order to enjoy mobile and online betting on horse races.

Michigan can now enable the third party facilitators to apply for a license so that they can provide horse racing betting on their platform. By gaining the license, the third party companies can provide betting on live as well as parimutuel horse racing events. Third-party facilitators must follow certain rules and regulations that are established by this new order.

What Was The New Order About?

As the order has been passed and approved, several third-party companies can conduct online horse-racing betting in the state of Michigan.

According to Richard S. Kalm, the new order will allow the horse racing industry of the state to get new followers with the help of Advance Deposit Wagering (ADW). Moreover, in this way they can also protect their people who like to place wagers on horse racing in their smartphones.

Before ADM goes live in the state, the certified organizations of horsemens and race meeting licensee must also enter into a contract with a respective provider. In order to run online and mobile wagering, the operators of the third party must accept and follow certain terms and conditions.

  1. Third-party operators should first apply for a license.
  2. They must give a complete formulated plan about how they will run the operation.
  3. They should also share the modifications made in their formulated plan to the executive director of MGCB for pre-approval.
  4. They should pay one thousand dollars as an application fee and five hundred dollars as a license renewal fee to the MGCB to cover the cots of background investigation checks.
  5. They must communicate and utilize parimutuel wagers, as betting will be only provided through the parimutuel system that fulfills all the requirements of Michigan.

The Future of Horse Betting in Michigan

Michigan is the home to a popular racing track named Northville Downs which is located in Detroit. All live and simulcast parimutuel betting takes place at Northville, which provides standard bred racing. According to state governor, it must remain closed until May 28, 2020 due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

On December 20, 2019, the governor of Northville, Mr Gretchen Whitmer issued HB 4311 into law. It was in order to bring the Lawful Internet Gaming Act. According to this law, online and mobile casino wagering will officially take place in the state of Michigan.

In addition, the law will also provide authority to the Michigan Gaming Control Board so that they can further grant licenses for online and mobile casino betting.

The governor of state also accepted HB 916 in order to create the lawful sports betting act. The law will also allow tribal and commercial casinos to provide land-based and online sports betting in the state. Moreover, the governor also approved HB 4308 into law to permit fantasy sports events in the state of Michigan.

In Michigan, horse racing betting will be available for betters through internet and mobile applications. The betters should create an account with the third-party operator to put wagers on parimutuel horse races through money on deposits.

Moreover, the operators are not supposed to disclose or sell the account holder’s confidential details or use their personal information for purposes that are not related to wagering.

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