Several Gambling Companies Announced To Reopen Their Casinos

Several Gambling Companies Announced To Reopen Their Casinos
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Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, many gambling companies will be seen reopening their casinos. While some of the gambling companies have already declared the date for their reopening.

The reopening of these casinos will have to comply with some upgraded rules and safety measures to run their casinos during the lockdown. In addition to casino reopening, several manufacturers of gambling equipment will also bring innovative and advanced corona specific products.

When it comes to the casino’s financial outcomes, most of the financial results for the first quarter were hit by the social distancing lockdown measures. Also there are many latest reports regarding the gambling industry of America. Some of them are as follows:

Reopening Of Casinos

Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians and North Carolina have outlined a plan for simplifying restrictions made during COVID-19 for the casinos. As a result, several operators will be seen to return to their operations at casinos. According to the latest report, Harrah’s Cherokee Casino will be operating in its Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River. Along with that Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort in the upcoming days will be operating in North Califonia.

Furthermore, the governor of Arkansas known as Asa Hutchinson has allowed the gambling operators to reopen their casinos from May 18 with restricted capacity.

Safety Measures Took By Gambling Companies

During the pandemic, several gambling companies are executing safety and health measures in their regions. One such global entertainment company, MGM resorts listed its own safety and health measures for its reopening.

The measures are named as ‘Seven Point Safety Plan‘. These plans will provide multiple processes and protocols in the support with scientific and medical experts. It will thus help to prevent its employees and customers from the spread of COVID-19. The measures should also be followed at every casino in order to ensure healthy social distancing practices.

Surprisingly, several casinos have reshaped their structures to provide more distancing and allow separation between its customers and players. For example, Place Casino Resort has currently redeveloped its casino layout to ensure social distancing in Mississippi.

The resort’s fitness and spa won’t be working until the lockdown. Moreover, room service, velvet parking, and other hotel services will also remain closed until its reopening.

Smith Rosen Gaming Partitions has recently introduced scratch-resistant slot machine partitions that will have the ability to clean themselves. The high tech designed slot machine partitions are believed to stop the generation of the virus in the casino environment.

This new innovation is based on advanced UVC powered technology. It will further assist the casinos to lower the spread of coronavirus and in turn follow the current rules and guidelines for social distancing.

Compliance Updates

The Oklahoma Indian Gambling Association has suspended the membership of the Comanche Nation and Otoe-Missouria Tribe and modified its laws. The board members voted to review its laws and remove its two tribal members from the company.

The modification in the law are as follows:

• If the Board of conduct founds a tribal member not operating their best in the organization’s interest then, they will be suspended for the rest of the calendar year.
• Once the suspension days are over, the tribal member will have to seek the arrival of their membership and it will be voted by the board.

Financial Reports

Currently, several gambling companies have declared their financial results. Eldorado Resorts declared their results up to March 2020. They have undergone a 25% decline in revenue during these months due to the COVID-19 crisis. Their net revenue up to March is 473.1 US million dollars.

Another gaming company named Twin River Worldwide Holdings also declared its financial results up to March 2020. The results are moderate, as the casinos remained closed from March 2020.

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