World’s Largest Casinos Reopen Amidst Continues Covid-19 Threat

World’s Largest Casinos Reopen
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Foxwoods, owned and operated by the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation, is one of the largest casinos around the globe. The hotel is under the supervision of Chairman Rodney Butler, who laments the closure of the establishment. The chairman could not believe that they were closing doors since it never happened before the Covid-19 existed.

Mr. Butler said that the doors of the casino remained open since 1992 despite events including weathered hurricanes, blizzards, power outages, even during the financial crisis in 2008. He also said that the casino has no gaming income since nobody is paying rent, and there was no income from leases. He explained that there’s no tax base on the reservation, and it causes them a couple of millions every week as they stay closed.

Casino amidst Covid-19

The chairman revealed that they saw an increase in unemployment of 99 percent since they halted operations as they provide reservation jobs. At least 5,000 employees of the company lost their jobs six weeks ago because of the closure.

Casinos in Las Vegas suffered the same fate as Foxwoods. Employees of the casino are now trying to earn a living using alternative means. A showgirl in Las Vegas, Devon Alarid, started an Instagram show with her co-performers in the city, hoping to raise enough funds to help other affected workers.

She said, during an interview with ABC News, that they are feeling a lot of emotions about the virus’s impact on the economy of Las Vegas. She added that the event is heartbreaking since she had so many goals and plans that all vanished because of the virus spread. Marilyn Kirkpatrick, Clark County Commissioner, noted that the top 100 employers in Nevada are in Las Vegas’ 6-mile area. The commissioner said that gambling contributes about 78 percent of Nevada’s revenue. The income is now near zero because there is no income in gaming and liquors.

Foxwood prepares to reopen.

Las Vegas casinos are now preparing to continue their operations, but they are still sure how people will react. Mr. Butler said that medical professionals might dictate the opening, and they are also not sure how comfortable people might feel after going back out in public.

The chairman said that, before the Covid-19 outbreak, the company welcomes typically 15,000 to 20,000 people every day, adding to almost 5,000 employees are working in the casino.
The casinos plan to incorporate covid-19 preventive measures during the reopening, including the implementation of social distancing and heightened sanitation guidelines.

Casinos are prone to transmission since there are lots of things that might transfer the virus during casino games like chips, cards, cash, dice, and drinks.The casino plans to place sanitizers everywhere and ensure that social distancing is followed in slot machines. The body temperature of everyone coming inside of the casinos will be checked before entry.

The chairman said that they would not open high-contact areas like bingo and buffet, during the first round of the reopening. The casino also aims at introducing layout so that only three players could play their blackjack.  

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