SportCaller Partners With Scientific Games To Widen Its Distributional Scope

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SportCaller, the leading free-to-play (FTP) sports-game provider, expanded its distributional operations through a third-party strategic partnership with Scientific Games, a global gaming company.

SportCaller will integrate Scientific Games’ OpenMarketTM as it delivers its extensive range FTP product portfolio to a new network of operators.

The merger will provide a single route to market for suppliers to offer bigger opportunities for worldwide operators.

SportCaller owns around 100 games in 20 languages offered in 36 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, North and South America. The company launched nearly 50 new games over the past 12 months.  Its active operator partners and game portfolio doubled over the past three years.

The new agreement proves the growing influence of online gambling. Many companies started expanding operations on a global scale because of the industry’s rising demand. People are now shifting their attention to online gambling because of the challenges faced by their land-based counterparts.

The merger allows the launch of FTP prediction

The partnership will allow the partners of SportCaller to launch a wide range of hyper-casual game formats, prediction, and jackpot with the faster speed that could cover any sport, language, or territory through the internet. Cillian Barry, MD at SportCaller, said they would not stop expanding their operations despite the sustained success and consistent growth.

He believed that a partnership with a renowned company such as Scientific Games is strategic.

Barry said they had given sportsbooks the chance to expand their portfolio to a broader market through the OpenMarket platform. The sportsbooks were given access to the best sports betting products in the market, including FTP and other iGaming offerings.

Scientific Games is one of the leaders in digital gambling. He said they look forward to the growth of their global influence and see how their products perform in new territories.

Keith O’Loughlin, an official at Scientific Gaming, said SportCaller was a strategic choice as an OpenMarket partner because it is a market leader in the emerging, dynamic Free-to-Play vertical.

The official recognized the portfolio of assorted Free-to-Play games catering to the demand of different operators. He also said that OpenMarket provided a variety of innovative key assets for sportsbooks, including streaming, scoreboards, CRM, and SportCaller powered Free-to-Play games.

The growth of sportsbetting

Sports betting is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the gambling industry. The introduction of online sports betting boosted the growth of the sector.

The high demand for online sports betting during the pandemic showed the potential of the industry for growth. The number of countries welcoming the sportsbook increased as user verification and security software strengthened.

Land-based casinos partnered with sportsbooks solutions providers to compete in the changing global gambling market. Companies started launching mobile betting apps to cater to demand.

Even during the pandemic in which all land-based casinos closed doors, sports betting collected revenue. People placed their bets on available sports like darts, Korean baseball, and table tennis.

The return of major sports events like the NBA and MLB contributed to the growing influence of sportsbooks in many parts of the world.

Gamblers are now ready to place their bets during professional sports events.

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