Survey Shows Colorado Ready for Resumption of Gambling Industry

Survey Shows Colorado Ready for Resumption of Gambling
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It appears that the state of Colorado is now ready to resume its gambling industry. Based on a recent survey, 75% of respondents say that they are excited to return to their favorite casinos once operations return.

Aside from the recent survey, Colorado generated more than $25 million in gross unaudited sports betting revenue since it partially resumed operations on May 1. All these signs suggests that the state is not only ready to resume its casino operations, it is also expecting a huge revenue boom.

The survey was conducted by ColoradoSharp, an online sportsbook platform. The company’s managing editor Chris Nesi has this to say, “This first month showcases the strength of the Colorado gaming industry, and I think we’ll continue to see impressive number from the state in the future.”

The effects of the coronavirus pandemic

Colorado’s gambling and casino industry was hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. Almost the entire operation was forced to a grinding halt as the state imposed strict social distancing and lockdown rules.

The closure resulted in revenue loss amounting to as much as $100 million, and that figure was just through the month of April. Despite this disheartening loss, the state imposed new regulations in an effort to get some sense of normalcy back.

On May 1, the state decide to partially reopen its gambling industry. The resumption was met with extreme positivity as the state was able to generate more than $25 million in revenue in just a single month of partial operations. With these impressive figures, many are calling for state regulators and politicians to reopen the industry back.

The positive economic response, along with the recent survey revealing people’s desire to return to casinos is a welcome development for the state to reopen the industry. Moreover, reopening the industry back could result in economic activity for the state as people are looking for a new normal.

The new normal for casino and gambling

While the people are calling for the resumption of casino operations, medical experts are not totally against it. Due to the fact that no vaccine has been developed against the coronavirus, medical experts are recommending people to follow strict social distancing rules and protocols.

In some states that have resumed casino operations, social distancing rules are strictly implemented. Players at a casino table are limited so as not to break the 2-meter rule. Some restaurants are even limited to just take out.

Because of the pandemic, one particular platform have grown significantly. Reports claim that online casino and gambling platforms are enjoying quite a boom in user activity as people are seeking alternative gambling options.

Since people are forced to stay at home to help curb the spread of the virus, they resort to online platforms to continue playing their favorite casino games. This is an interesting development, as medical experts prefer online alternatives rather than the full reopening of actual physical casinos.

Many believe that this is the new normal and that it will persists for a long time. Until a safe vaccine is developed and released, people will have to endure these new changes in society.

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