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The casino world encounters several advantage punters. They are fishing for bonuses! As a novice, you might have the following query – What is bonus hunting? Since you are entering the online casino world, it is imperative to know what it means.

Also known as BONUS WHORING and Casino whoring, ‘bonus hunting’ is not a pleasant term. Is it still possible to fish for bonuses? It seems like a hard one in today’s casino environment!

Bonus hunting is an elegant term (certainly better than bonus whoring) that portrays the action of a player who plans to exploit special offers allowed by online gambling clubs. A bonus hunter is an advantage punter who deliberately looks for casinos that has many promotions. They utilize these promotions and try to gain access to an edge.

The Bonus Hunter tracks rewards while never disregarding gambling club rules and conditions.

The objective is to change a bonus into genuine cash and make a benefit toward the finish of the bet. The player must actualize various plans. Rewards are all over the place; however are not so much simple to change, subsequently led to the introduction of the Bonus Hunting.

Some keen folks really have a significant level game and exploit it in the nose of gambling clubs. In the past, chasing was succulent and straightforward. Gambling clubs started to fix the standards to restrain misuse.

Today, chasing is getting increasingly hard. Luckily, there are still a few prospects. In case you are thinking about whether there are as yet substantial procedures to bring in cash in online gambling clubs today, remain on this page.

You will comprehend the nuances of the method, what to do, and what not to do to expand your benefits and breaking point your misfortunes.

As we have progressed and reached a new age, the term ‘bonus hunting’ has a different meaning altogether. We will tell you more about this informative post! Ready to learn what it meant in the past, and what it means now?

Most importantly – Can you, as a punter, do it too?

Keep reading to find all the answers to your curious queries!

Bonus Hunting in the Past

Before being promoted, the bonus chasing movement was saved for a bunch of insiders; frequently, Anglophone sorted out through in-depth discussions with limitless language.

Transforming rewards, or bonuses, into benefit was effectively achievable, as the wagering conditions were light. Likewise, the rewards were increasingly liberal, and there were far less outlandish guidelines.

Bringing in cash from bonuses was easy. Gambling clubs were not, in any event, hoping to battle this practice as it was minimal. It must be said that the gambling clubs likewise won a ton of cash at that point, the opposition was less solid, and individuals store without speculation to an extreme.

Every advancement pulls in a lot of victimizers and profiteers; they speak to just a small piece of the players. What’s more, are subsequently irrelevant amount to some point.

Earlier, the wagering requirement was low, and only a bunch of restrictions were put forward. Let’s not forget that the bonuses were massive more first! Is it easy to pull off the bonus hunting tactic even today? Times are changing, and also the term has gone through a makeover. Bonus hunting has a different meaning in today’s casino world.

What It Means Today

The day casino clubs began to lose an excess of cash, two or three things changed to keep players from procuring a lot of cash too quickly.

The gambling clubs have done their little estimations and guaranteed that bonuses could never again be transformed into money too quickly.

bonus hunting today

It is consistently conceivable to guarantee a reward, to finish the bet, and lastly, withdraw it in genuine cash in an attempt to make a benefit, even little. In the most pessimistic scenario, the hunter will be pleased as long as that he/she stays in equilibrium.

Everything will rely upon the gambling club: the bonus and especially the conditions. A decent reward can support your odds and flip the table in support of yourself.

What is valid consistently is, in all cases, unlikely to impact a game of luck.

It is karma that chooses through an arbitrary number generator. It is difficult to deceive or control a gambling machine into paying more. If you are trying to pull the same old tactics now, they will not work as well as they worked before.

In today’s world, the calculations of the online casinos have improved. There are cashable and non-cashable bonuses. Bonus hunting in today’s world will depend on the game’s volatility and how much money your bankroll has.

Start playing with real money at any casino, grab a bonus, and then start playing belligerently. Chances are you will win heaps or lose everything you have put in. But, in case you are gaining a considerable sum, and then perhaps, you will be able to cash out the bonus.

Knowing when to stop is another art! You can repeat the strategy mentioned above, or you can play safe.

When does Bonus Consumption Become Abusive?

Let’s take an example of Mr. Martin, who loves to apply his bonus hunting tactics.

A new online casino is in the market, and they are offering ‘no deposit’ bonuses. Now, Martin has a set of documents of 100 people, and he creates an account with these documents.

He tries his best to gain all the bonuses and cleverly withdraws the existing funds. He will continue until the casino platform catches him or stops giving free bonuses and other freebies.

Look at player B named Mike. He loves to play online casino games and enjoys a free bonus too. Mike uses his own documents and does not play without a decent deposit bonus. In this case, Mike is a legit player who likes bonus hunting, but will never misuse the platform. He is functioning within the set rules and is not acting smart.

Online casinos are comfortable with players like Mike. Martin is not the ideal punter as he is making hundreds of accounts to fish for bonuses. Is that the right way to go about it? It is simply abusive usage of bonus hunting or ‘casino whoring.’

As mentioned before, one point that draws the attention of a lot of players in online gambling clubs is the gambling club bonuses.

Such promotions are of two sorts. They can be either free; in other words, the gambling club offers you an entirety of cash with which you will have the option to have some good times and gain cash without having anything to do.

On the other side, you have the deposit bonuses that will regularly be a rate relevant to your deposit, and that permits you to handily twofold or more.

There are two kinds of abuse against bonuses:

  • The first one is when the player will come to appreciate just the free bonuses and yet will not make any deposit.
  • The second one is when the player will make deposits to get the most significant rewards and promotions from the site, and will just hang tight for those chances to play. Moreover, it will make silly wagers of only a couple of pennies to make the game last longer.

What do You Risk?

There are three principal kinds of hazards. First of all, you will lose the benefit you are searching for on your bonus chase.

In reality, the online gambling club that has spotted you will not, at this point, offer you any more rewards. Then, in case that you endure in your behavior, your record will be suspended or, for all time, erased.

In this situation, you lose everything! You no longer approach your rewards and even less to your deposits.  Finally, you might be on the club boycott. Subsequently, you will not have the option to get to the vast majority of the internet betting rooms.

It is crucial to comprehend that it is not your IP address that is blocked. It is you, as an individual who is not, at this point, welcome in gambling clubs. This subtlety is significant! It makes it pointless to bypass the standards by making one or more accounts if yours has been shut.

The issue will not emerge when you register through another account. Be that as it may, to approve it, you should give supporting records, for example, a duplicate of your ID card and a proof of residence.

It might require some investment between your enrolment and the approval of your account. However, regardless, you will always be unable to cash out your bonuses and rewards without demonstrating your personality.

Furthermore, by then, if you are a bonus hunter, your account will be suspended once more. You will have no legitimate way to pressure the gambling club. An online club is a private foundation with its guidelines.

In the case that you do not regard it, or on the off chance that they feel that your comportment is not what they need, they are free to eliminate you.

NOTE: The freebies that you get on an online casino site cannot be used by you to make money. Forget about the deposit bonuses – even they are not useful in making more money. They cost you a few bucks and will pay you back the same – a few bucks.

What’s the benefit? Nothing!

Since the year 2006, awareness has increased, and casino platforms have ensured that the players do not misuse these bonuses. The most common form of rewards would be free spins and as well as free cash. Yes, you can play with them and win a small amount.

But, please know that these forms of bonuses are marketing tactics to welcome new players. Will you be able to cash out thousands of dollars with this? The answer is NO!

Three Winning Parameters

For you to take good advantage of a casino bonus, the best technique is to play with it long enough to have the privilege to cash it out and hence make a benefit.

bonus winning parameters

In this regard, here are three winning parameters that will help you correctly get more bonuses without being abusive.

  • Volatility

When the reward is activated, you have to locate a low volatility machine.

A low volatility machine frequently wins, yet little wagers. Try not to pick a high volatility machine that will send you to the tangle before you even have the opportunity to hit a win.

Hence, maintain a strategic distance from jackpot machines. That is not the objective of the system.

The thought is not to win huge, but rather to win little lines all the time!

  • Return to Player

In selecting a machine, attempt to take a machine with a decent return to player rate. The less voracious the machine is, the better.

Go for 98% with bunches of extra games, free spins, and multipliers to keep you alive until the end.

  • Casino Legitimacy

You need to pick a legitimate and solid gambling club, yet you definitely know it.

With that being said, you need to pick a gambling club that checks the bet from your initial dollar wager.

A few casino clubs have two scales, a genuine cash balance, and a reward balance. The genuine cash balance being played first.

For you to play the reward balance, your genuine cash balance should initially drop to zero. This is maybe dangerous in some situations.

Additionally, take care to pick a club that does not force troublesome conditions; do not pick a bonus with a bet more than 30. The reward must be redeemable toward the finish of the bet, or else you can overlook it.

Benefits of Bonus Hunting

All confounded parameters restrain beginners from the beginning. We additionally prompt youthful wolves that are beginning to set aside the effort to become familiar with the concepts of return to player, volatility, and all the conditions forced by gambling clubs.

Take as much time as is needed; the bonuses will even now be there tomorrow. Furthermore, your odds are supported up, as you play with bunches of free cash.

Your objective is no longer to expand your game balance to be a victor, but rather to complete the bet keeping the balance as long as possible. Not to lose an excessive amount of is to win. If your balance gets higher, it will be extra gains.


We think that bonus hunting is the best methodology for the time being regardless of whether it requires some investment. If you circumspectly observe the standards and practice great gaming cleanliness, gambling clubs will not have the option to blame you for breaking reasonable play.

Nonetheless, this framework can fundamentally improve your probability of being sure. You will consistently have a preferred position over players who play blind without a plan. In the long haul, you decrease your hazard disclosure.

Hence, the online casino world is not as easy as it was before. You cannot take advantage of the bonuses, especially not in a way you wanted to.

Bonus hunters are of two categories. Firstly, there are bonus hunters who are ardent fans of gambling. They receive these bonuses legally. Secondly, there are bonus hunters who are professional punters. They create accounts on different casino platforms to gather the benefits.


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