Younger Gamblers Drive Las Vegas Casino Industry

Young Gamblers Drive Las Vegas Casino Industry
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Casinos halted operations at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic since they are prone to virus transmission. Viruses might transfer as people play cards, slot machines, or chips, and other items in the venue that are usually shared.

Casinos all over the country closed for more than two months and are now planning to resume operations. The gaming industry sees younger gamblers as the driving force of its recovery.

Synergy reveals recovery potential from younger gamblers

Synergy Blue, a Las Vegas-based skill game maker, released a report this month which revealed that 62 percent of U.S. gamblers 29 and younger would return to casinos after the lift of quarantine measures. The study also revealed that only 40 percent of gamblers aged greater than 60 plans to visit the casinos after the pandemic.

Synergy Blue conducted an online survey on 1,000 US gamblers in late April. The study also revealed that younger gamblers and those born between 1965 and 1980, the Gen Xers, showed a willingness to return to casino gambling.

A paradox for casino operators

President and founder of consulting firm LaunchVegas LLC, Nehme Abouzeid, claimed that the result is a paradox for casino operators. According to Abouzeid, the younger demographic is the one most likely to return faster to land-based casinos because they feel healthy and strong. At the same time, the older gamblers prefer playing in the slot machines. He said that the two groups form an inverse relationship.

The LVCVA revealed that older clients spend more money than the younger gamblers. The regulator reported that 32 percent of baby boomers spend $600 or more during their trip in 2018. Finley Cotrone, an assistant professor in residence at UNLV’s college of hospitality, noted that even young travelers who don’t gamble might help the recovery of the Las Vegas gaming industry.

The LVCVA said that young people are attracted to other places like restaurants or pools. The survey also revealed the massive potential of online gambling in boosting the gaming industry.

There are many speculations about the long term effect of the pandemic. Some casinos in the country started the phases of their reopening, employing COVID-19 preventive measures during the reopening.

The world is still struggling to grasp with the COVID-19 pandemic. As medical experts and national governments issue lockdown orders, people are clamoring about their social connections.

Experts believe that one of the most effective tool in curbing the spreading of the virus is through social distancing. This means that people should maintain a specific distance from each other. This is hard especially for those who frequent casinos.

Casinos are known to host thousands of people at a time. It is also important to note that most casino games are played with people close to each other. Interactions inside the casino are also fairly close.

As experts continue to search for the cure and vaccine, people are advised to at least keep social distancing. Frequent casino visitors are insisting that these protocols be stopped, for them to be able to get back to their gaming habits.

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